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boundaries of the abdomen
between the diaphragm and the pelvic inlet
where does the omental bursa lie?
directly posterior to the liver and stomach
level of the renal arteries
between L1 and L2
artery preventing a horseshoe kidney from rising?
inferior messenteric artery
ennervation of abdominal viscera is by way of?
Vagus and splanchnic nerves
Origin and insertion of psoas major muscle
lumbar vertebrae T12-L5 to the lesser trochanter of femur
this test is performed to test for an inflammed appendix
the iliopsoas test
where does the abdominal aorta begin and end?
this is sometimes called a “Flat Plate”
what's the first thing to look for on a Flat Plate
the bowel-gas pattern
what are some organs visible due to the surrounding fat
Liver - posterior margin
Spleen - often visible
Kidneys - outlines may not be seen in entirety because of overlying gas and stool
Psoas muscles - margins usually visible but may not be seen in entirety
when do you order a KUB
Bowel obstruction - abnormal gas pattern
Free air - abnormal gas pattern
Abscess - abnormal gas pattern
Calculi or other abnormal intra-abdominal calcifications
Radiopaque foreign bodies
how would a mechanical small bowel obstruction look on an X-ray
gas is seen b4 the obstruction; no gas or very little distal to obstruction.
A ladder-like arrangement of dilated small bowel loops, also termed a "stacked coin" appearance.
describe an adynamic ileus
increased gas throughout the Gl tract
is a pneumoperitoneum ever normal?
Yes, in post op patients or patients on peritoneal dialysis
Why does an abscess have gas?
There are gas forming bacteria present.
what is emphysematous pyelonephritis?
air in the perirenal space due to bacteria destroying the kidney
what is leiomyoma
uterine fibroid
what are gallstones principaly comprised of?
cholesterol and lecithin;
only 10-15% of gallstones have enought calcium to be seen by a Flat Plate
what are two parts of the GI that cannot be viewed by an endoscope?
Jejunum and ileum; for this, use a capsule endoscope(camera that you swallow)
what is Crohn's disease?
inflammation of the bowel wall; becomes thickened, fibrotic, and strictured. The mucosal surface may develop "cobblestoning" related to edema with linear ulcerations. Deep fissures can develop and result in microperforations and the formation of fistulous tracts. The disease may be continuous, but often has "skip" lesions with normal segments of intervening intestine. The mesentery can become infiltrated with fat, known as "creeping fat."
Best test for abdominal symptoms
Are MRIs used for bowel studies?
No, not very good
best test for GI bleed
Nuclear medicine
Best studies for the colon
Air contrast BE
best studies for small bowel
small bowel follow through
enteroclysis-barium injected into duodenum
this scan helps evaluate the function of the gallbladder and the bile ducts
HIDA - hepatobiliary iminodiacetic acid scan;
Used to DX:
Obstruction of the bile ducts due to gallstones or rarely, tumors
Diseases of the gallbladder
Bile leaks
cause of a pneumoperitoneum
perforated bowel
an X-ray showing air-fluid levels is most likely?
bowel obstruction
an obstruction due to colon carcinoma is called?
apple core
what do you think of when you see these symptoms:

RUQ pain
Charcot's Triad, used to DX ascending cholangitis
a radiographic finding on BE of volvulus; a funnel-like narrowing
Birds beak
best test to detect kidney and gallbladder stones
the first line for detecting solid organ injury after trauma
CT scan
causes of colon obstruction
best test if you suspect SBO
test of choice for an abdominal abscess
CT with contrast
how do you Dx acute gastritis
Clinical Hx and presence of diarrhea. Recommended procedure is sigmoidoscopy if blood is present in stool
test for a suspected bile leak
nuclear medicine