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ALARA means...
As Low As Reasonably Achievable
An Atom is the smallest unit of an
element. It consists of a positively
charged What?
What does a nucleus contain?
Protons(positively charged)
Neutrons(no Charge)
What is an Ion?
It is an atom,that has acquired a negative.
electric charge by gaining or loosing
Radiation that produces ions
is referred to as...
ionizing radiation
The gametes are called what?
Sex Cells
The Basic units of measurement of
ionizing Radiation are....
Roentgen,rad,and rem
What are the cumulative effects of
Repeated exposure that will cause
a Cumulative(increasing effect)
This is Known by the Long term effect
The position of the tube within the
x-ray head is one of the factors that
determines What?
The target Film Distance(TFD)
of the machine
Electroagnetic Radiation are made
up of pure energy called....
Rem are expressed as..
sievert(sv) Also know as the biological
dose amount of radiation required to
produce the same biological effect
as one roentgen

100 rem=1sv
Rad is expressed as
Gray(Gy) The dose of exposer received
(absorbed) by the patient