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Describe a closed fracture.
- Does not penetrate the skin
What is the aka for a closed fracture?
Simple fracture - This is the old term and is avoided.
Describe a open fracture.
- a fracture that penetrates the skin exposing the underlying tissue and increasing the risk for infection.
What is the aka for a open fracture?
Compound fracture - This is the old term and is avoided.
Describe a complete, non-comminuted fracture?
It is a single fracture that extends from one cortex to the other.
Describe a complete, comminuted fracture?
It is a fracture that extends from one cortex to the other, and includes two or more bony fragments which have separated.
What is a "butterfly segment?"
It is a triangular cortical fragment that is sometimes found on the concave side of a complete comminuted fracture.
What **named** fragment is only found in complete, comminuted fractures?
Butterfly fragment
What type of fracture classically includes multiple fractures which intersect each other?
Complete, comminuted fractures.
When a fracture occurs, the fracture is often oriented to the bone in what three ways?
1. as an oblique fractures
2. as a spiral fractures
3. as a transverse fractures
Describe an Oblique Fracture...
- On what types of bones?
- At what angle?
- what are the ends of the broken part of oblique bones like?
- Occurs on the shaft of long tubular bones
- 45 degrees to the long axis of the bone
- the ends are blunt-ended
Describe a Spiral Fracture...
- what forces cause spiral fracture?
- what are the ends of the broken part of spiral fractured bones like?
- torsion, coupled with axial compression and angulation.
- the ends are pointed and sharp like a pen.
Describe a Transverse Fracture...
- at what angle?
- Seen in what type of bone?
- the transverse fracture is at a right angle to the long axis of a bone.
- transverse fractures are more frequently seen in diseased bone. (as in Paget's disease)
What is meant by a type of fracture known as multiple?
More than one complete, non-comminuted fracture in the same bone.
What is an Avulsion fracture?
it is the tearing away of a portion of bone by forceful muscular or ligamentous pulling?