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Name 3 types of diagnostic radiographic tube-support systems.
Overhead, floor-to-ceiling, floor, mobile, and C-arm
Whatare the 2 types of incoming line current?
Single phase and three phase
How many pulses are there per Hz for 1 phase and 3 phase power?
single = 2 pulses
three = 3 pulses
What devise in the x-ray circuit controls kVp? mA? time?
kVp = autotransformer
mA = variable resistor
time = timer circuit
What is the approximate voltage ripple for 1 phase 2p equipment? 3 phase 6P? 3 phase 12P?
1/2 pulse = 100%
3/6 pulse = 13-25%
3/12 pulse= 4-10%
What happens to the tube mA during an exposure using a falling load generator?
permits a greater use of the acceptable tube limits
What is the difference b/w an ionization chamber and a phototimer?
Ionization chambers is a gas-filled enclosure containing + and - electrodes that measures the amt of radiation passing through the enclosure according to the degree of ionization caused by the radiation. Phototimer is a photoelectric device that automatically controls photographic exposures
What factor determines the minimum reaction time?
it is determined by the length of time necessary for the AEC to respond to the radiation and for the generator to terminate the exposure.
What is the approximate % of electron energy that is converted ot x-ray photon energy int ethe x-ray tube?
99 percent
The majority of the electron energy in the e-ray tube is converted to what from of energy?
Describe a bremsstrahlung target interaction?
Occurs only when the incident electron interacts with the force field of the nucleus.
Describe a characteristic target interaction.
Occurs only when the incident electron interacts with an inner shell electron
What is a characteristic cascade?
An outer shell electron has dropped to fill the hole & another electron will drop to fill that hole it left & so on until only the outermost shell is missing an electron.
What is the average keV of the primary beam as compared to the kilovoltage peak?
What effect does increasing mAs have on the total x-ray emission spectrum?
mAs controls the quanity of electrons striking the target the result is a change in the amplitude of the emission graph.
What effect does increasing kVp have on the total x-ray emission spectrum?
kVp controls the quality of the electrons striking the target resulting in a change in the # of higher energy photons & amplitude of the emission graph.
Define attenuation
the reduction in the # of x-ray photons in the beam and subsequent loss of energy as the beam passes through matter
Describe the photoelectric absorption interaction.
is when an x-ray photon interacts with an inner shell electron, the photon ejects the electron from is inner shell & is totally absorbed in the interaction
Describe the Compton scatter interaction
occurs when an incident x-ray photon interacts with a loosely bound outer-shell electron removes the electron from its shell & then proceeds in a different direction as a scattered photon.
What is backscatter?
is when a scattered photon is deflected back toward the source it is traveling in the direction opposite to the incident photon
What are the two interactions which have a significant impact on the radiographic image?
photoelectric absorption and Compton scattering
What type of radiographic contrast will result if the prevalent interaction is photoelectric absorption?
High-contrast images
Describe the coherent scatter interaction
is an interaction which occurs b/w very low energy x-ray photons and matter
What type of radiographic contrast will result if the prevalent interaction is Compton scatter?
Low-contrast images.