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Testicular tumors are the most common neoplasms in men between ______.
20 and 35
What are the two types of testicular tumors?
what type of tumor that arise from the seminiferous tubules?
Almost all testicular tumors are ______.
What exam is used to best diagnosed testicular tumors?
What are the two types of ovarian cystic masses?
-Follicular Cysts
-Corpus Luteum Cysts
Type of ovarian cyst that results from faulty reasorption of the fluid from incompletely developed follicles.
Follicular Cysts
Type of ovarian cyst that occur when resorption of any blood leaked into the cavity, following ovulation, leaves behind a small cyst?
Corpus Luteum Cysts
What may occur in Ovarian Cysts?
what cause multiple cystic masses?
Who are at higher risk of developing ovarian cancer?
Postmenopausal women, so they often recieve more aggressive treatment
What is the surgical removal of both ovaries and the uterus?
What % of women have a transvaginal u/s exhibit of cysts?
How does the ovarian cysts appear on a endovaginal sonogram?
-sonolucent masses
-sometimes sepated
-with homogenous components
What other modalities used to visualize ovarian cysts?
CT and MRI
Inability of the heart to propel blood at a sufficient rate and volume to provide an adequate supply to the tissue?
Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)
What affects CHF?
Rt and Lt side of the heart
What is the major cause of LT sided heart failure?
What is present in the RT-sided heart failure?
Dilatation of the RT ventricle and RT atrium
What involves the replacement of air with fluid within the lung interstitium and alveoli?
Pulmonary Edema
Most patients with pulmonary edema caused by CHF or other heart disease have evidence of ______.
cadiomeglia (big heart)
What resembles Pulmonary Edema?
a butterfly or batwing pattern
What does Cushing's syndrome produce?
excess production of glucocorticoid hormones
what happens if there's an excess secretion of glucocorticoid hormones in Cushing's Syndrom?
-mobilizes lipids
-increases their level in the blood
What are the characteristics of cushing's syndrome?
-obesity that is confined to the trunk of the body
-round, moon shaped face
-pathonomonic fat pad that forms behind the shoulders (buffalo hump)
What exam is best demonstrated cushing's syndrome generalized enlargement of the adrenal glands?
CT is often of more value because the abundance of retroperitoneal fat may prevent an ________.
optimal u/s
What age does Grave's disease most often develop?
30's and 40's
What is the physical characteristic finding in Hyperthyroidism?
What's an outward protusion of the eyeball caused by edema in the tissue behind the eyes?
What procedure demonstrate diffuse enlargement of the thyroid gland with increased radioiodine uptake in patients with Grave's Disease?
Radioactive iodine scans