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The wavelengths, energies, and frequencies of radiation used for imaging purposes are all capable of what?
Ionizing atoms of irradiated material
What are some type of damage irradiation can cause?
cataracts, cancer, and genetic damage
Inhaled Nuclides: primarily Radon 222
200 mrem
Ingested Nuclides: primarily K 40
40 mrem
External Terrestrial Radionuclides
28 mrem
Cosmic Rays
27 mrem
Total Background radiation
295 mrem
Medical X-rays (including CT)
39 mrem
Nuclear Medicine
14 mrem
<1 mrem
Technological Sources
7 mrem
Nuclear Power
<.05 mrem
Total Man Made Sources
60 mrem
Skull X-ray
Skin Dose: 200 mrem
Gonadal Dose: <1 mrem
Chest X-ray
Skin Dose: 10 mrem
Gonadal Dose:<1
C-spine x-ray
Skin dose: 150 mrem
Gonadal Dose: <1
Lumbar Spine x-ray
Skin Dose:300 mrem
Gonadal Dose: 225 mrem
Abdomen X-ray
Skin Dose: 400 mrem
Gonadal Dose:125
Pelvis X-ray
Skin Dose: 150 mrem
Gonadal Dose: 150mrem
Extremity X-ray
Skin Dose: 50 mrem
Gonadal Dose: <1
CT Head
Skin Dose: 3000 mrem
Gonadal Dose: 50 mrem
CT Pelvis
Skin Dose: 4000 mrem
Gonadal Dose: 3000 mrem
What is shielding referred to?
anything as long as enough of it is used to reduce the radiation
What is the acceptable level for the general public?
2 mR per week
the acceptable level for the occupationally exposed?
10 mR per week
NCRP requires that typical radiographic euipment be protected by?
For CT?
2 lbs per suare foot, 1/32" thick, or 2 layers of gypsum drywall(1.6 cm thick)
5 lbs per square foot, 5/64 inch thick, 5 layers of gypsum drywall 4 cm thick
ALARA is based on what dose response relationship?
linear, nonthreshold
What is the safe dose for radiation?
No safe dose
cancers and genetic effects occur in what relationship to the amount of exposure?