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A game with two players
a game with four players
a non-tournament three player game
which side can score points-serving or receiving?
In singles, losing the serve is called a ________
a non-tournament three player game
In doubles, when the first server loses the serve it is called a _______ or ________. When the second server loses the serve, it then becomes a ______.
hand-out, half-out, sideout
How is a match won?
The first side to win two games wins.
The non-tiebreaker games of a match are played to how many points?
a tiebreaker game is played to ___ points
True or False: in raquetball, a player is required to win by two points
What are the dimensions of a standard raquetball court?
___ ft wide
___ ft long
___ ft high
back wall at least ___ ft high
20, 40, 20, 12
What are the names of the court lines, and how wide are they?
short line, service line, drive serve lines, and receiving line
1 1/2 in. wide
What is the maximum length a raquet can be, including bumper guard and handle?
22 inches
True or false: if you wear glasses, it is not necessary to also wear protective eyewear on the court.
False. It is extremely important to wear certified lensed eyewear on the court at all times, to protect the eyes from dangerous impact.
In a tournament play tiebreaker, which player or team has the option to serve or receive first?
The player or team with the highest total number of points from the previous two games.
In tournament play, at the beginning of a match or an equal score tiebreaker, what procedure is used to determine which team has the choice to serve or receive first?
coin toss
True or false: stepping on the service lines is permitted during a serve.
At what time can the server pass over the short line?
When the served ball passes the short line.
How must the ball proceeed on a serve?
It must bounce once, be hit by the server's racquet, hit the front wall, and first touch the ground past the short line.
How far are the drive service lines from each wall?
3 feet
True or False: the drive service zone is observed for crosscourt drive serves.
In doubles, team A is composed of players (1,2) and team B of (3,4). Team A won the coin toss and will serve first. List a legal order in which the players may serve.
1, 3, 4, 1, 2
2, 3, 4, 2, 1
1, 4, 3, 1, 2
2, 4, 3, 2, 1
What are the three types of defective serves?
1) dead ball serve
2) fault serve
3) out serve
Play initiated after the successful return of serve is called the _____.
True or False: if, during a rally, the ball hits the front wall before the second bounce, it is still in play.