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A preconcieved judgement or opinion, often based on limited or innacurate information
The denial of equal treatment to individuals or groups
The denial of equal treatment to individuals or groups through major social institutions: laws, customs, religion, education, etc.
Institutionalized Discrimination
A social construct that artificially divides people into distinct groups based on characteristics such as physical appearance, heritage, culture, cultural history, ethnic classification, and the social, economic and political needs of a society at any given time
A system of advantage benefiting whites that is based on race. Note that racism is not merely an expression of prejudice; it is a form of oppression consisting of racial prejudice plus social power. The system of advantage is perpetuated when we do not acknowledge its existence.
Blatant, intentional acts of racial bigotry and discrimination.
Active racism
a more suble form of racism which contributes to the maintenence of racism, without openly advocating violence or oppression
passive racism
a right ,advantage, or immunity granted to or enjoyed by white persons beyond the common advantage of others; it can also be an exemption from certain burdens or liabilities.
White Privilege
A system in which those who move ahead do so because they have earned it throgh talent and/or hard work.