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belief that there's a set number of races
racial prejudice
attitude that one race is superior to another
racial discrimination
action based on racial prejudice
institutionally mandated and supported racial discrimination
racial beliefs
belief that we do things differently based on race- there are clear distinctions between race, actions, skills; behavior varies based on racial category
racial disparities
life expectancy, access to medical care, infant mortality, access to jobs and equal pay scale
affects of intelligence testing
cultural advantage, used as justification for racial beliefs instead of motivation for public policy changes
association, social identification concerning role within society- masculine v. feminine
biological, male v. female
rigid enforcement of gender stereotypes
gender stratification
1- demand for produce outside the family
2- controls material goods
3- participation in political system
4- presence of female (or minority) solidarity groups
causes of gender inequality
1- religion
2- socialization
3- internal v. external warfare
4- access to strategic resources
supernumerary genders
presence of 3rd or 4th genders