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what type of virus is rabies?
what is the reservoir of rabies?
what is the most common source of rabies?
What are 4 other sources?
Skunks, bats, foxes, dogs.
How is rabies transmitted?
Animal bites mostly
What is the pathologic course of rabies infections?
-Incubates few weeks
-Transport to CNS
-CNS replication
-Replication further in secretory organs
How are humans diagnosied with rabies if they are still ALIVE?
-Serologic methods on Serum/CSF
-Skin neck biopsy for Ag
-Viral isolation from saliva
What test assess Rabies virus response to treatment?
What is the gold standard post mortem diagnostic test for rabies?
DFA on Brain Tissue.
What are the characteristic inclusion bodies seen in Rabies?
Negri bodies
What does EM of rabies allow us to see?
Is Rabies treatable?
Rarely; only 3 cases survived after CNS symptoms.
What is "treatment" for rabies?
Vaccine; vaccine+booster for high risk occupations.