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Stratified Squamous lines what cavities?
Mouth Vagina anal canal
Stratified Columnar epithelium line what cavities?
The ducts of various exocrine glands
What stores lipids fat?
Adipose cells
Ligaments connect bone to?
Is connective tissue slow to heal?
yes because poor blood supply
What does the extracellular matrix do?
It glues the body together and stores substances that are necessary for communication growth defense and other body functions
Young bone cells are called?
Skeletal muscles cells are?
usually long
where does serous membrane line?
internal areas such as around the intestine
what are tissues composed of?
a group of cells wiht simailar structure and function
what tissue has almost no extracellular material?
Epithelial tissue
Where is simple Columnar tissue found?
digestive system
What is the function simple squamous tissue
diffusion and filtration
The holocrine gland does what?
discharges and secretes its products
Connective tissue are ______ packed
loose connective tissue surrounds what?
skin and around muscles
Where do tendens and liagaments get thier strength from?
irregularly arranged collagenous fibers
Fibrocartilage is found where?
Joints of the plevic girdle
What muscle tissue is consciously controlled?
Skeletal muscle
Intercalated disc are found where?
cardiac muscle
Mucous membranes are located where?
digestive, reporduction and respiratory system