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Customer: I know this is an old system, but I still need help
B. We support newer version of that system. In order to support your version, I will need to refer you to another support area. May I put you on hold for about one minute while I bring someone on the line who can assist you
Customer: I have a meeting in 20 minutes and I am unable to print this report. Can you help?
D. I'm sure we can resolve the problem. Let's review what's been done thus far so we can help you make your meeting
Customer: I did what the technician said to do and it did not work. You guys are completely incompetent
A. I apollogize for your experience; we are going to resolve the problem right away. Let's begin by opening the control panel
These people are very friendly & distractible.
Ask closed-end questions
Use volume
Say the CST name
Remind CST of their objective & time frame
These people can be you best spokesperson
These people come across as "meek and mild" until they get frustrated
Demonstrate emphathy, get them involve in the solution
Be cautious of the crossfire
These people attempt to intimidate you by using loud commands, name dropping etc.
Focus on the business impact, demonstrate empathy
These power brokers ar great to involve in decision making process
Meek and Mild
These people represent the majority of the customers
Use mirroring to create a rapport, practice active lisening and use word pictures
Always demonstrate respect and CST service attitude
Terminating a Call
Document the call, escalate the issue to a Manager, Close the ticket and Take a "Cool Off" break
glass of water, short walk, close your eyees and breathe deeply & slowly for 20 seconds
One of the keys to stress management is
Determine what we can CONTROL
take a deep breah, 5 minute break, laugh, laugh, laugh, don't complain--document
Attitude has been defined as Power of the Individual
Develop a positive attitude