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Although culture is an important variable in understanding international management, it falls well
short of affecting how people think and behave.
In a study of the differences in work values across cultures, it was found that U.S. managers place
high value on deference to superiors, on company commitment and on the cautious use of
aggressiveness and control.
Countries with low uncertainty-avoidance cultures have a great deal of structuring of organizational
activities, more written rules, less risk-taking by managers, lower labour turnover and less ambitious
A specific culture is a culture in which both public and private space are similar in size and
individuals guard their public space carefully, because entry into public space affords entry into
private space as well.
If a U.S. manager interacts with a Chinese manager in the same way that he or she interacts with a
Canadian manager, the U.S. manager is demonstrating a behavioural attribute referred to as singular-orientation.
In Japan, people often are hired based on what they can do for the firm in the short run, because
many of them eventually will quit or be downsized.
If cultural norms do not give employees bonuses or commissions as a form of recognition, it means
that the culture:
A. Encourages stability
B. Is informal
C. Is high on organizational loyalty
D. Frowns upon individual rewards
According to a cross-cultural study of differences in work values, _____ managers place a high
value on deference to superiors, on company commitment and on the cautious use of aggressiveness
and control.
A. U.S
B. German
C. French
D. Japanese
Which of the following is an accurate values profile of successful U.S. managers?
A. High moral orientation, highly individualistic and a strong focus on organization compliance and
B. Highly pragmatic, highly individualistic and strong achievement and competence orientation
C. Highly pragmatic, high achievement and competence orientation, an emphasis on profit
maximization, organizational efficiency and high productivity
D. Highly pragmatic, strong emphasis on size and growth and high value on competence and
Identify common characteristics found between Australian and Indian managers.
A. Both are highly individualistic
B. Both are highly pragmatic
C. Both have high moral orientation
D. Both strongly lay emphasis on competition and risk
Countries that have high individualism and relatively low power distance show the following
A. Prefer others to do things for them
B. Are upset when others have more power than they do
C. Are not upset when others have more power than they do
D. Are collectivist in their approach
Which of the following selections accurately reflects recruitment and selection processes in
A. Recent public policy shifts encourage use of sophisticated selection procedures
B. Use of expatriates sparingly; recruit home country nationals at U.S. colleges
C. Obtain skilled labour from government subsidized apprenticeship program
D. Prepare for a long process; ensure that your firm is "here to stay"; and develop trusting relationship
with recruits
Which of the following selections accurately reflects labor relations in China?
A. Treat unions as partners; allow time for negotiations
B. Tap large pool of labour cities; lax labour laws may become more stringent
C. Understand changing Mexican labour law; prepare for increasing unionization of labor
D. Be prepared for high wages and short work week; expect high productivity from unionized workers
When doing business in India, all of the following behaviours are appropriate except:
A. Being "fashionably late" for meetings
B. Avoiding personal questions unless the other individual is a friend or close associate
C. Addressing doctors or professors in accordance with their titles
D. Refraining from public displays of affection
An important cultural contrast between Arabs and Americans is that of emotion and logic. Arabs
often act based on _____; in contrast, those in an Anglo culture are taught to act on _____.
A. Emotion; logic
B. Logic; emotion
C. Reasoning; empathy
D. Aptitude; excitement