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What document is required to be with a crane?
load rating chart
What is the lay length?
Length for 1 strand to make a full rotation around wire rope.
What are major causes of accidents with cranes?
-Contact with power lines
-Mechanical Failures
How do accidents with cranes occur?
-Lack of Communication
-Lack of Training
-Inadequate maintenance
What are some types of cranes?
Mobile, Hydraulic, Overhead, Tower
Crane operators must do what two things?
Must qualify on specific crane type and must include on-the-job training
How much does soil weigh?
3000 lbs/yd
100 lbs/ft
What causes cave ins?
Vibration, Freezing and thawing, weight of soil, etc.
Most trenching accidents occur at what level?
5 feet to 15 feet
Soil type compressive strengths
A - > 1.5 tons/sf
B - .05 - 1.5 tons/sf
C - <.05 tons/sf
What is the name of the pyramid used to classify soils?
USDA Textural soils classification system
What is a sedimentary test?
Test that breaks down makeup of the dirt (clay, silt, sand)
Trenching more than __ feet require shoring
5 feet
What are the excavation and trenching maximum allowable slopes for different soil types?
Type A - 3/4 to 1
Type B - 1 to 1
Type C - 1 1/2 to 1
When a trench is __ feet in depth and length, a safe means of exit must be provided
4 feet
Trench box extends at least __ inches over walls of excavation
18 inches
A horizontal lattere must extend ___ feet past the top of the excavation
3 feet
Temporary spoil piles must be kept _ feet from the edge of the excavation
2 feet
Excavation bridge minimum widith is ____ and must extend passes trench sides by ____ .
20 inches , 2 feet