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Native of Scotland, Made way to Superintendent of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Powerful steel Magnate.
Andrew Carnegie
Process for creating steel using oxygen.
Bessemer process
Ruthless Penn. industrialist, monopolized coal and coje production, reduced workers wages and hired 300 brutal Pinkertons.
Henry Frick
Method of controlling and monopolizing, used by leaders of big business in 1890's.
Vertical Integration
Derogatory term, leaders of big buisness.
Robber Barrons
Ultra-Wealthy ind. Banker, monopolized industry, fixed rates
J. P. Morgan
Invented 1st telephone
Alexander Graham Bell
Famous inventer, hired by Wesern union.
Thomas Alva Edison
Came to control 90% of all refing capabilities, fully integrated oil company.
John D. Rokefeller
Restricted the formation of Trusts
Sherman Antitrust Act
she won Nobel Peace Prize for "settlement house"
Jane Addams
Largest Womens Organization of its day
Womens Christian Temperance Union(WCTU)
Railroad laborer, organized several unions, organized Socialist Democratic Party, ran unsuccessfully for president 5 times.
Eugene V. Debs
This company hired thugs to break up labor stikes.
Pinkertons National Detective Agency
Knigts of Labor lost its support when a bomb disrupted this Chicago location.
Haymarket Square/Haymarket Riots
This Union succeeded in gaining a respect and approval for labor unions.
American Federation of Labor
He was present for the assassinations of 3 presidents: Lincoln (his dad), Garfield and McKinley
Robert Todd Lincoln
John O'Sullivan coined this phrase, used to justify US expansion
Manifest Destiny
US "warhawk" asserted that Naval Power is crucial to the nations success internationally.
Alfred T. Mahan
These native Phillipine freedom fighters fought alongside the US then turned on them.
Filipino nationalists
Judicial institution created by US to mitigate problems of anti-US sentiments in Central America.
Central American Court of Justice
In assertion of US dominance in the Western Hemisphere, this man stated that "the carribean is our bathtub"
William Jennings Bryan
Led by Theodore Roosevelt, 1st Volunteer Cavalry Regiment.
Rough Riders
Famous all-Black Regiment
Buffalo Soldiers
Connected Atlantic Ocean with Pacific Ocean at Panama. What is term for this artificial waterway?
isthmian canal
Border conflict between Venezuela and Great Britian
Venezuela Boreder Dispute
This treaty granted US full right to the Panama Canal Zone
Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty
The Culebra Cut on the Panama Canal crosses this geographical feature
Continential Divide
To sell newspapers, stories not founded in fact
"yellow journalism"
3 month war, US gained control over Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Phillipines.
Spanish-American War
Cuban writer, devoted to Cuban independence, while earning a living writing for US periodicals.
Jose Marti
US method of MILITARY coercing foregin nations to capitulate American demands
"gunboat diplomacy"
This US method of MONETARY coercing foreign nations to capitulate American demands
"dollar diplomacy"
Pres. Theodore Roosevelt won Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating the end of the Russo-Japaneese War with the...
Treaty Of Portsmouth
Legal assertion made in relation to the Monroe Doctrine justified US intervention in Latin America
Roosevelt Corollary
Location where the Wright Brothers made first sucessful airplane flight.
Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
Name of Wright Brothers fisrt motor powered airplane.
First person to cross the Atlantic non-stop
Charles Lindbergh
First woman to fly non-stop across Atlantic and between Hawaii and California
Amelia Earhart
innovator of assembly line automobile production created air car called the "flying flivver"
Henry Ford
Lawyer and progreesive social reformer achieved gains for women and children laborers
Florence Kelley
This reformer took advantage of the political and corporate scandals that plauged DC to successfully lobby for the passage of "obscenity laws" with regard to US mail
Anthony Comstock
She was an advocate and educator of birth control, first president of Planned Parenthood
Margret Sanger
Known as founder of American Psychology, formulated some ideas in his philosophy of Pragmatism
William James
Harvard law professor became known as the "Great Dissenter" for his progressive opinions in a conservative dominated court
Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.
New York Harbor, primary entry point for european immigrants. Decommisioned in 1943.
Ellis Island
Famous American Photographer perpetuated American rasist notions of Anglo ascendancy amidst the "vanishing" of the "indian race" thru beautiful portrayals of what he thought the were once like
Edward S. Curtis
Southern fundamentalist minister and auther glorified the KKK in his book, which was madeinto a film.
Thomas Dixon
Pres. Roosevelt sparked hig criticism when he invited this african-american friend to a white house dinner
Booker T. Washington
This African-American intellectual was the first black person to receive a Ph.D. from Harvard. He co-founded the NAACP
W. E. B. Du Bois
Built on earlier institution, this agency of the Department of the Interior was created by Pres. Woodrow Wilson
National Park Service
Pres. Wilson sent this US general into Mexico to find Pancho Villa during the Mexican Revolution
John Joseph "Black Jack" Pershing
The name for the alliance between Germany, Italy, and Austro-Hungary
Triple Alliance
Name for the "Allies" (Great Britian, France and Russia)
Triple Entente
128 Americans killed when a German "U-boat" sank this liner
Intercepted message from Germany to Mexico, asking for an alliance
Zimmerman Telegram
This Federal legislation required all men 18 to 45 to enter the draft
Selective Service Act
WWI came to an end with this document
Irish immigrant, accountant for Chase Bank, career cut short by draft, died in training
Michael J. Morris
US contingment of the Allies fighting in WWI were known as the
American Expeditionary Forces
Newly corrupted bank system increased money supply during WWI
Federal Reserve System
US financed its role in WWI by the sales
Liberty Bonds
Pacifist leader, head of the National American Women Suffrage Association, later organized League of Women Voters
Carrie Chapman Catt
This ammendment legalized women voting
19th Ammendment
Pers. Wilson went to Paris to take part in the neotiations of the...
Treaty of Versailles
Famous progressive era lawyer defended in the "monkey trial"
Clarence Darrow
This revision to the constitution outlawed the consumption of alcohol
18th Ammendment
Reorganized racist group to target not only blacks, but catholics and jews as well
Sec. of the Interior in the Harding Presidential Cabinet, received money to allow big companies accsess to the nations oil reserves. Name this event.
Teapot Dome Scandal
Pres. Harding had sexual realations with this younger woman in a coat closet adgacent to the oval office.
Nan Britton