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Who wrote Common Sense?
Thomas Paine
Which British document acknowledged specific rights of the peopel against the king?
The Magna Carta
True or False? King George III accepted the Olive Branch Petition
What was the major cause of Britains financial crisis he pre-revolution period of American history?
Costly wars with France
Which act let British troops stay in private homes?
Intolerable Act
Which act put a tax on all imported items into the colonies from Britain?
Townshend Act
Which act cut taxes on molasses and ensured that smugglers would be tried in British courts?
Sugar Act
Which act warned colonists that they were subject to British laws?
Declatory Act
Which act put a tax on all paper items?
Stamp Act
Who worte most of the Declaration of Independance?
Thomas Jefferson
What was the final place of British surrender during the American Revolution?
What justified British search warrants of colonial ships?
Writs of Assistance
What battle did the colonial army suffer a cold winter?
Valley Forge
What was the idea that the government exists to protect the rights of the people?
Social Contract written by Thomas Paine
What are minute Men?
citizen soldiers
What was the group that formed organized colonial boycotts?
The Sons of Liberty
Who was the commander of the colonial army?
George Washington