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When would we use extraoral films?
locating tumors, locating impacted wisdom teeth, orthodontics
How many mm of lead does the lead apron contain
.25 mm
What area of the eye is most sensitive to radiation?
What is the function o the lead diaphragm
resstricts size of x ray beams
What type of waves in electromagnetic radiation have the longest wavelength?
electric waves
What is the first clinical sign of over exposure to radiation called?
erythema and redness of skin
What is the function of aluminum filter?
Eliminate long less penetrating rays
What type of rays in electromagnetic radiation have the shortest wavelength?
gamma rays
List the inherent properties of dental film
detail, definition, contrast, density
What is the occupational dose of radiation forr those under 18
10 percent of an adult dose
list 6 items that may affect dental films
light, heat, moisture, chemical elements, aromatic substances, time
Within the anode is the target, what is this made up of?
List the reason for cone cutting on a xray
misdirection of the xray beam
If we have a radiation leak from our machine what must we do?
withdraw from using the machine
What do the various types of radiation differ in?
wave lengths
What is the name of the light proof frame that holds large film
In a 13 week period what is the permissible dose of radiation we may recieve
3 rem
What is the slowest speed of film availible today?
Explain what is the purpose of the aluminum filter
reduce secondary radiation
What is the cause of overlapping when we take a xray
incorrect horizontal angle
How do we store xray film
according to date on package
If your xray machine is stolen how do we report it
by phone and letter
What speed film should we use that will give minimal exposure to the patient
The developing solution not exceed what temperature?
75 degrees
What is the advantage of using fast film
less exposure to radiation
better patient protection