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At what 1/2 life can you begin to give a drug once a day?
Anything greater then 7 hours
What are Sulfonamides used with and how do they work?
Typically combined with w/ Trimethoprim
Bacteriostatic inhibitors of Folic Acid synthesis, they compete with PABA to inhibit Dihydropteroate enzyme
How does resistance occur to Sulfonamides?
Incresed or altered production of Dihydropteroate enzyme or
Mutation of PABA binding site
What does Trimethoprim plus a Sulfonamide do?
Results in a sequential blockade of folate synthesis, and the combination is bactericidal
Highly used for UTI's
What is the main indication for Sulfonamides alone?
Gram (-): E. Coli and P. Mirababilis for UNCOMPLICATED UTI's
Generaly NOT used alone for Gram (+)
What are Sulfisoxazole and Sulfamethoxazole used for?
Systemic use, Primarily for UTI's
What is Sulfacetamide primarily used for?
Topical use in opthalmic drops for Eye Infections
What are the ADR's for Sulfonamides?
Rash, Hives, Photosensitivity and MORE serious STEVENS-JOHNSON SYNDROME- sloughing off of skin can be fatal
Why would you NOT want to use Sulfonamides with babies?
Because can displace bilirubin from binding and cause kernicterus (brain damage)
What is Trimethoprim and Sulfonamide combo not effective for?
Enterococci and Pseudomonas
What is the Trimethoprim and Sulfonamide the DOC for?
Pneumocystis Kiroveci
What are the adverse effects of Trimethoprim and Sulfonamide combo?
75% of incidences involve increased skin effects/rashs
Increased ADR in AIDs pts.