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What scientific quantity is obtained by multiplying mass times the gravitational constant?
Compute the quantity -5 + 2i close quantity squared.
The sentence -1 have a million things to do today - makes use of what type of figure of
speech, a deliberate exaggeration?
Name the novel by Enid Bagnold about a young gir! who is the jockey of the winning
horse in the Grand National Steeplechase. The movie starred Elizabeth Taylor as the
young girl.
National Velvet
Alicia has taken a job with a starting salary of $ 18,000 and annual raises of $725. What
will be her salary during her sixth year on the job?
In Tolstoy's work "War and Peace", who was the leader of the army which disintegrated
while waiting in vain for peace terms from the Russian tsar?
Napolean bonaparte
Identify the chemical element produced inside a nuclear reactor with atomic number 94
and symbol Pu.
Give the first and last names of the author of the gothic tale about a man assembled from
corpses. The title of the work was FRANKENSTEIN
Mary shelley
In the Middle Ages, a popular method of land ownership included the transfer of land in
return for military service. Name this way of life.
With what literary movement are Theodore Dreiser and Frank Norris associated? These
authors examined human life with the objectivity of scientific inquiry, viewing human
beings as either the products of biological determinism, or as the products of
socioeconomic determinism
The area of a parallelogram is 144 square inches and its height is 9 inches. What is the
length of the base?
16 inches
What is the perimeter of a rectangle that has a length of 16 inches and an area of 48
square inches?
38 inches
This star is in the same constellation as Detelgeuse. Name the brightest star in the
constellation Orion and the sixth brightest star in the sky.
Identify the shrewd Chinese detective living in Hawaii who, if he can understand a
man's character, can predict his actions. The character was created by Earl Derr Diggers.
(charlie) Chan
Defined as "one cycle per second," this SI unit is used to measure frequency. Name it
Name the two breathing tubes that branch off the trachea and lead to the lungs.
What is the term for the process by which heat is transferred from one part of a fluid to
another by movement of the fluid itself?
Be specific. What is the two-word term for the phenomena that occurs when the moon
passes between the sun and the earth?
solar eclipse
The first U. S. postage stamps bore the portraits of George Washington and this printer,
scientist and first postmaster general of the American colonies. Name this statesman.
Benjamin Franklin
What is the largest possible product of two natural numbers if their sum is 23?
In its long history, this city has served as the capital city of the Roman Empire, the East
Roman Empire, the Latin Empire, and the Ottoman Empire. Historically Byzantium and
later Constantinople, what is the most populous city in Turkey called today?
In the 16th century, what name beginning with the letter P was given to the English
Protestants who were influenced by the beliefs of John Calvin
What property of a substance in chemistry is defined as the amount of energy required to
raise the temperature of 1 gram of the substance by 1 degree Celsius?
specific heat
What two authors were responsible for THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO?
marx and engels
Find the number of distinct ways the letters in the word KNIFE can be arranged.
Name the Pacific island nation which is primarily composed of two large islands simply
named North Island and South Island.
new zealand
Identify the auxiliary verb in the following sentence: He should have run faster
should have
A box has dimensions L, W, and H. If the dimensions are multiplied by 2, 3, and 4,
respectively, by what factor does the volume increase?
Identify both the title of the book and the author of the 2003 Newbery Award winner
about Stanley Yelnats.
holes, sachar
This is the moment when the earth's axis is at its greatest angle with respect to the line
drawn from the sun. This occurs twice a year. What is the term that identifies this?
Two answers, please. Identify the amendments to the U.S. Constitution that prohibited
the sale of liquor and the amendment that repealed that amendment
18, 21
What was the final battle of the War of 1 8 1 2? Strangely enough, it took place after the
Treaty of Ghent had been signed
battle of new orleans
What is the cube root of -125
Name the first two states admitted to the Union after the original thirteen
vermont and kentucky
Find the area of a circle whose diameter is 44 inches.
484 pi square inches
Multiple answer please. John Steinbeck's OF MICE AND MEN focuses on two men
looking for work in the Great Depression. Give the first names of these two central
lennie and george
Identify the influential modern art style, consisting of straight lines and angular planes,
that was created by Picasso and Braque in Paris between 1907 and 1914.
Which group of bronze-clawed sisters were the hideous daughters of Phorcys and his
sister, Ceto? Perseus killed their only mortal member, managing not to get turned into
stone by the snake-haired threesome.
Thirty to forty-five wire strings are stretched over a sound box and plucked with a
plectrum. This describes what instrument popular with Bavarian peasants?
What is the area of the larger of two similar polygons if the sides are in the ratio 4:5 and
the area of the smaller is 32 square inches?
50 square inches
What term indicates the precise tonality of a piece of music? They can be either major or
minor, based on which scale the notes that define that tonality come from
He had a goat-drawn chariot, a famous pair of iron gloves, and a hammer called Mjolnir.
Second only to Odin, who was the Norse god of war and agriculture
Which style of jazz singing featuring improvised nonsense syllables was popularized by
Ella Fitzgerald?
Which ballet position is similar to first position, but spreads the feet further out so that
the heels are no longer touching?
Give the first and last names of the Spanish surrealist painter whose works mix images
as in dreams and hallucinations. He painted THE PERSISTENCE OF MEMORY.
salvador dali
Who wrote this passage: "I remember the annual processions of mighty rafts that used to
glide by Hannibal when I was a boy?"
Identify ths state known as the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes
What are the tiny functional units of the kidney called
Each of A crates contains B boxes and each box contains C objects. What is the total
number of objects in all A crates?
Gustav Hoist's THE PLANETS suite is seven movements long with each movement
attributed to a planet. Which planet is not represented in this suite
Based in the Barbican Centre, what world-famous orchestra has featured conductors
such as Edward Elgar and Claudio Abbado, and whose principal conductor in 2007 was
Valery Gergiev?
london symphony
Name the Scottish manufacturing chemist who invented a waterproof fabric, lined with
rubber, that was used for raincoats. The British word for raincoat is named for him.
The name's the same. It is the city in Rhode Island home to the Tennis Hall of Fame as
well as the city in Northern Kentucky known for its millennium bell and aquarium.
What is this name?
An equilateral and equiangular parallelogram is better known as what
His ability as a pianist is often overlooked because of his success as a composer, but
Liszt proclaimed that this man, who died tragically young in 1875 at the age of 36, was
one of the finest pianists in Europe. Name this man who wrote one of the most
successful operas of all time, CARMEN.
First and last, please! Identify the actor, killed in a car crash at age 24, who was a
symbol of rebellious youth in the 1950s. He starred in EAST OF EDEN and REBEL
James Dean
What native of Athens, Ohio, whose memorial to the civil-rights movement was
dedicated in Montgomery, Alabama, is better known for her Vietnam Memorial in
Washington, DC?
Maya Lin
First and last name, please. Whose nationally syndicated newspaper column competed
with her twin, Abigail Van Buren's to provide readers with guidance and advice?
Ann Landers
This artist's life was the subject of a 2002 film in which Salma Hayek starred. That life
included such tragedies as a miscarriage and a terrible bus accident. Who was this artist,
famous for self-portraits, who was married to Diego Rivera
Frida Kahlo
He served as the director of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra from 1958 to 1969
and composed Jerome Robbins" first ballet, FANCY FREE, which they later translated
into a musical comedy entitled ON THE TOWN. Name this Massachusetts-born
Name the 15th - 16th century Italian astronomer who discovered the first practical use of
the telescope. He observed four moons of Jupiter
What is the following product: X to the quantity 2N+1 close quantity power times X to
the quantity 4N-6 close quantity power times X to the quantity 3-N close quantity
<X power?
Name the prison-fortress located in Paris, France that was stormed by an angry mob on
July 14, 1789.
What is the capital of the Czech Republic
What are the rectangular coordinates that correspond to the polar coordinates (3, pi/2
Give the term beginning with the letter A for the tough black material used in road
paving, roofing and reservoir lining. It consists mainly of heavy hydrocarbons.
What is the term for the system of writing using pictorial characters especially found on
Egyptian monuments
What Peter Shaffer play focuses on the torment of Alan Strang, a teenager who blinds
six horses one fateful night, and his morally lost psychiatrist, Peter Dysart? The play's
name comes from the Latin word for horse.
In addition to Jude the Obscure, Hardy also wrote the Mayor of Castorbridge and what
, novel about a "fallen woman," subitled A Pure Woman: Faithfully Presented
tess of the d'urbervilles
What 1896 Supreme Court case made the slogan "separate but equal" the law of the
Plessy v. Ferguson
Give the first and last names of the brilliant, but eccentric detective created by Sir Arthur
Conan Doyle who solved the mystery of THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES.
sherlock holmes
In May 1980, this Washington volcano exploded, sending a cloud of ash and sulphur gas
around the world. Name this volcano located in the Cascade Mountain Range.
mt st helens
Identify the field of science which compares the communication and control systems
built into mechanical devices with those present in biological organisms
Give the medical name for the kneecap
Legs and arms are jointed extensions protruding from the body of most humans. By
what four syllable name beginning with the letter A are these extensions known
Identify the national park that is the largest remaining subtropical wilderness in the
contiguous United States. It is located in Florida
It's the only silent film to have won an Oscar for Best Production. What is this film, also
remembered for having won the first Oscar for Best Production?
First and last please. In her later years, she was one of England's most respected experts
on fungi. Who is this person, better known for her works for children, works such as
beatrix potter
Give the first and last names of the author who wrote about a palace built in hell by
Satan called "Pandemonium" in his famous work titled "Paradise Lost
john milton
Combine the following two fractions into a single fraction in lowest terms: x over 3
minus the quantity 2x minus 1 close quantity over 6
Give the first and last names of the man who developed the polio vaccine in the early
jonas salk
Find the binary equivalent of the number 31.
Give the title of the work in which this quote appears: "I shall be telling this with a sigh;
somewhere ages and ages hence; two roads diverged in a wood and I..."
the road not taken
How many integers are there between the principal square root of 15 and the principal
square root of 63?
Identify the crime which the U.S. Constitution defines as "only in levying war against
(the United States), or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort."