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Which research method allows us to establish causation?
The theory that explains media effects are caused through individuals imitating behavior that is positively reinforced in media portrayals is called?
Social learning theory.
Who originated the term "advertising agency?"
George P. Rowell.
Who represents the advertiser inside the ad agency?
The account executive.
What is the difference between WAN and a LAN?
WANs extend beyond a single building or campus.
What is the purpose of using the latest info technology in business?
To increase productivity.
What did the AT&T divestiture do?
It split the RBOCs off from AT&T.
What does a modem do, exactly?
It converts digital pulses from your computer into sounds that can be carried over phone lines.
Whats wrong with 1950s TV show Leave it to Beaver?
It perpetuated sexism.
What are the effects of the media on presidential campaigns?
The media influence perceptions of what issues are important.
According to the knowledge gap hypothesis...
over time, the information rich learn more and so do the info poor, but the rich learn faster.
Your boss tells you that they just bought a computer that can do your job and you are fired. What are you a victim of?
Job displacement.
Which of the following media is most subject to US domination?
The French gov't recently subsidized a feature film starring Asterix, a cartoon character drawn from French history. What is that an example of?