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_________ of verbal communication is our way to mark a flow of activity into meaningful units
___________ is NOT a relationship level of meaning
a technique that reminds us that out evaluations apply to specific times and circumstances
nonverbal system accounts for _____% of the total meaning of communication
nonveral communication is ambigous meaning,
that nonveral communication is NOT always clear and defined
nonverbal behaviors do NOT frequently
contrdict verbal messages
most nonverbal communication is NOT instinctual, but is:
learned through the process of socializtion
putting together all that we have selected and organized to make sense of communication
Achieving your communication goals depends on your ability to create an effective
communication climate
The continuum of communication climates goes from:
confirming climates to mixed climates and cycling climates to disconfirming climates
Three levels of confirmation:
recognition, Acknowledment, and endorsement.
________ messages would take the following form: "Hello," "I'm sorry you're hurt," and "I know you are worried, I feel the same way."
The ______ conflict responce is an active constructive responce to conflic and focuses on dealing directly with problems. "I want to talk about the tension between us"
The _____ conflict resoonce is silent allegiance and passive
The_______ conflict responce occurs when a person denies or minimizes problems; "your making a mountain out of an ant hill"
When we say that systems are organized wholes, we mean
that we can't understand any part of the system in isolation from other interrelated parts
During WWII, a special group of soldiers serving in Iwo Jima developed a code that enemy intelligence never broke. This was because the soldiers were:
One particular way in which communication shapes the self is through ________- acting in ways that bring about expectations or judgements of ourselves
self-fulfilling prophecy
The process of seeing ourselves through the eyes of others
relected appraisal
The ________ is the collection of rules, roles, and attitudes endorsed by the overall society and social communities to which we belong.
Generalized other
"You're my sweet little girl," You're a big strong boy," and "You're so smart" are examples of which kind of communication with family members?
Direct definition
"Our family doesn't do that kind of thing," "Save your money for a rainy day," and "Always help others" are example of which kind of communication with family members?
Identity scripts
The attachment styles outlined in the text are a combination of:
positive and negative views of self and others
The Johari Window is a way of graphically representing:
the four types of information and perceptions that are relevant to the self
The Anxious/Ambivalent attachment style is the result of:
positive views of others and negative views of self
Communication with peers affects our self-concept through social comparison. Social comparison is:
our rating of ourselves relative to others
After considering the Johari window, which of the following contains perceptions of us that others have but that we don't have?
Wood describes changes in the frequency of self-disclosure over the course of intimate relationships. What is an accurate report of her findings?
Slef-discloser declines over time
__________ level is difficult to pinpoint because, unlike sex and race, it is not necessarily physically visible.
The textbook suggests that the following are key aspects of personal identity and value in Western Culture except:
martial status
I have just sat down in a seat on a plane and, after saying "Hello" to the person in the next seat, I reveal that I am on the way to Sweden for an operation what will change my life forever. This is an example of a violation of which of the following guidelines for growth as a communicator?
self-disclose appropiately
The two most critical aspects of creating a supportive climate for change include:
settings and companions
We know that our communication with self and others affects our self-concept. The text indicates others can be uppers, downers, and vultures. However, we can communicate with ourselves in crippling ways. In particular, we can engage in:
"Friends should be loyal," Hugs count as affection," and "Give emotional support" are all examples of:
relationship rules
Autonomy/connection, Novelty/predictability, and Openness/closedness are what quality of personal relationships?
relationship dialects
_______ is the final phase in relationship decline, involves burying the relationship, is accepting the demise of the relatioship and is marked by trying to make sense of the relationship
Grave dressing
The type of group that consists of people who have expertise related to different facets of a task and who combine their knowledge and skills to accomplish a goal is a/an:
project team
________ are less creative than individuals
Extreme cohesion sometimes leads to ________, in which members cease to think critically and independently.
group think
___________ communication elaborates on ideas.
________ communication orientation
_________ communication blocks ideas
_________ communication harmonizes ideas
_________ consists of ways of thinking, acting, and understanding work that are shared by members of an organization.
organizational culture
The most obvious communication dimension of organizational culture is vocabulary. Hierarchical language involves:
vocabularies that distinguish levels of status among members.
_________ stories socialize new members
members in an organization are connected to one another via:
organizations are embedded in ____________
multiple contexts
The military practice of saluting superiors and addressing them with the appellation of "Yes, sir," is an example of:
hierarchical language