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According to Anne Cleary's model of test fairness, a job selection test would be considered unfair if..
the slope of the test's regression line is different for African-Americans than for Caucasians
Which of the following is NOT generally considered a direct threat to external validity?
Alloy, Abramson, and Metalsky have revised the learned helplessness model of depression and de-emphasized the role of
Discriminant and convergent validity are classified as examples of:
construct validity
The prevalence of mental disorders in people over 65 is:
lower than any other age group
Research on the approach-avoidance conflict has found that
the strength of the negative and positive qualities of the goal continue to increase the closer you get to the goal, but the strength of the negative qualities increases more
Erikson's final developmental stage is:
integrity vs. despair
Research on subordinates' satisfaction with their leader at work has found that the strongest determinant is:
leader's level of consideration
Following a stroke, a patient exhibits right hemiplegia. Other symptoms are likely to include:
speech-language deficits and slow-cautious behavior style
Studies on the effectiveness of training for improving the cognitive skills of older people who have already experienced normal age-related declines have found that training
can improve verbal and nonverbal skills to levels comparable to pre-decline levels
In consultee-centered case consultation, the consultant's role is most similar to which of the following?
Damage to the medial temporal area of the brain would LEAST likely cause deficits in:
short term memory
Head trauma causing damage to the temporal lobes is most likely to produce deficits in
episodic memory
Eric Berne feels which of the following reflect a person's characteristic pattern of giving and receiving strokes?
Which of the following proposed a behavioral theory of career decision making?
According to the catecholamine hypothesis, depression is due to a deficiency in:
Activation of cerebellum, basal ganglia, and the parietal lobe especially the somatosensory cortex is related to...
According to Vygotsky, what has the greatest impact on the development of language?
social relationships
5 stages of Minority Identity Development model are...
conformity, dissonance, resistance and immersion, introspection, and integrative awareness
Define the Minority Identity Development model stages...
--Conformity stage, a person depreciates the self (and others of the minority group) but appreciates the dominant majority group.
--Dissonance stage, minority individuals experience conflict between appreciation & depreciation of the self and the majority group.
--Resistance and Immersion stage, the individual appreciates the self and depreciates the majority group.
--Introspection stage, the person again experiences conflict and questions the basis of his or her appreciation & depreciation of self and others.
--Integrative Awareness stage, the person experiences self-appreciation & selective appreciation of the majority group
Most research has found that ____ have more difficulty adjusting to their mother's remarriage than do ____.
What is the area of the brain in which lesions cause indifference or apathy?
Exposure to a previously conditioned stimulus in the absence of a real aversive stimulus describes...
Avoidance behavior is difficult to treat because:
the feared stimulus is never presented
Agnosia is...
Anosognosia is...
not knowing/recognizing objects

not recognizing one's own impairment
Linnehan's dialectical behavioral therapy is a combination of psychoeducation & cognitive therapy that involves
individual and group sessions
In order to best reduce leniency bias you would use:
forced choice
Acalculia, agraphia, difficulty distinguishing right from left, and finger agnosia are characteristic of
Gertsmann's Syndrome
The postcentral gyrus includes the...
somatosensory cortex
According to the peripheralist theory of emotions, "we feel afraid because we tremble." This approach is reflected in which of the following theories?