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Approximately what percentage of those now entering the labor force are racial/ethnic minorities and women?
The Personality Disorder that has been found to have the best prognosis is:
Borderline Personality Disorder
A therapist interested in evaluating the defenses that impact an individual’s current maladaptive behavior patterns would be a practitioner of:
a psychodynamic therapy like object relations therapy
This psychologist's theory proposes that a thought must precede any emotion or physiological arousal
Which diagnosis involves the following symptoms?
-a disturbance in consciousness
-change in cognition or the development of perceptual abnormalities
-a reduced awareness of his environment, shifts in attention, and changes in cognition
-Associated perceptual abnormalities
-the symptoms of delirium usually fluctuate in the course of a day, and may remit within a few hours or persist for weeks.
Reduced density of work environment can diminish...
Employee creativity
Maintaining self-consistency is defined as...
identity assimilation
Marfan’s syndrome and Von Willebrand’s disease are due to:
autosomal dominant gene
Universality of the transactional-transformational leadership theory has been observed...
in a wide range of organizations and cultures
Solomon, Pyszczynski, and Greenberg’s terror management theory proposes anxiety or “terror” is best dealt with by:
self-esteem and a cultural worldview
The mesencephalon or midbrain contains the:
substantia nigra, inferior, colliculus, & superior colliculus
The majority of child sex abusers when asked about their abusive behaviors:
admit their behavior but minimize the harmful effects on or blame the child
Reactions that center around the baby’s own body & involve simple motor actions like thumb sucking are...
primary circular reactions
Actions involving an other person or object & are predominate from 4 to 8 months of age are...
secondary circular reactions
Transformational leadership contains four interrelated components, which is characterized by high moral & ethical standards?
idealized influence
Gender constancy, identity & stability are established by age...
age 7
Galveston Orientation and Amnesia Test used to measure...
most frequently used scale to measure orientation
A score of 85 on the Lie (L) Scale of the MMPI-2 may indicate:
a lack of insight/denial
A class of neurons that are activated by action observation are...
mirror neurons
When reliability of a test = 1, SEM equals...
When reliability of test = 0, SEM equals...

standard deviation of the test
Criticism, defensiveness, contempt and stonewalling predicts a high risk of...
early divorce
Neurological disorders such as tumors and head injuries will not impact...
general intellectual abilities
Wernicke’s, Broca’s and conduction aphasia share which difficulty?
repeating what is said
Surveys comparing rural and urban areas rates of mental disorders indicate prevalence rates are:
not statistically different
In factor analysis to tell how much a factor accounts for, you have to do what to the correlation coefficient?
square it
The four main stages of neural development are:
proliferation, migration, differentiation, myelination
Which of the following WAIS-III factor indices is most likely to be impacted by traumatic brain injury?
Processing speed
Which neurotransmitter in high levels leads to suppressive eating or anxiety and in low levels leads to binge eating or depression?
Secondary impotence is NOT necessarily caused by:
old age
The theory that proposes convergent and divergent thinking as dimensions of intelligence is associated with:
Which variable affects the strength of a relationship between independent & dependent variables?
Which variable is affected by the independent variable and so influences the dependent variable?
The symptoms of __ become less evident as an individual grows older
Antisocial Personality Disorder
Although Borderline IQ is from 71-84, Borderline IQ is differentiated from MR @ what range?
IQ of 71 to 75
Chronic pain treatment with tricyclic antidepressants is most effective for:
neuropathic pain & headaches
The best explanation for group members’ reluctance to provide negative feedback to one another is the:
mum effect
To ensure that providers meet and maintain health plan participation requirements, managed care organizations (MCOs) use ___ as a review process
Divorce rates are highest for women who:
have low level of education & marry young
According to the DSM-IV-TR, which of the following is related to exposure to sexual abuse, sexual harassment or sexual trauma?
Early remission of substance abuse symptoms means...
more than 1 month but less than 12 months of remission
The assumption that prejudice and discrimination are outgrowths of the drive to enhance one’s own self-esteem is most consistent with the perspective of which theory?
social identity
According to Fielder, situational control is determined by:
leader-member relations, task-structure, & leader position power
Prader-Willi syndrome is caused by:
a chromosomal deletion
Western culture-bound values emphasize what 3 things?
cause-effect approach, openness & intimacy, and clear distinction between mental & physical well-being
The notion that reinforcement is not necessary for learning and that learning does not always manifest in performance is referred to as:
latent learning
Brain imaging techniques have identified abnormalities in which 2 areas among people with Tourette Syndrome, Autistic Disorder, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?
frontal lobes & basal ganglia
According to recent research, the compressed workweek has the least impact on:
When a person perceives the recovery of information from memory as being an original idea of their own, this is called...
Anger management training for children has been criticized for:
limited positive effects due to focusing on the individual
Androgyny (both masculine and feminine preferences and characteristics) is associated with..
the highest levels of self-esteem in both boys and girls
Situations that legally permit a waiver of the privilege:
differ from state to state
The motivation of priorities that define how people see themselves and their work refers to...
career anchor
A whisper being audible in a library reading room, but not in a busy cafeteria is explained by:
Weber's law
Weber's law focuses on...
just noticeable differences
In Meyer’s (2003) minority stress model distal factors are __ & proximal factors are __
The questions on the Mini-Mental Status Exam concentrate on:
cognitive aspects of mental functions
The APA’s position on notification of partners of clients/patients with HIV/AIDS is consistent with its emphasis on:
The best initial strategy for teaching complex motor skills that require speed and accuracy to be successfully performed is to:
emphasize speed over accuracy
The type of memory needed to hold the directions to a destination in one's mind is called...
working memory
Coding Personality Disorders on a separate axis, according to the DSM-IV-TR, is due to:
the need to reduce the possibility of being overlooked
_____ is a present-oriented, structured & time-limited treatment that integrates biological & psychosocial approaches
Which of the following therapeutic approaches refers to changing or adapting to the environment by altering one’s own behaviors or responses?
Which is the most common anticholinergic side-effect?
blurred vision
Who believes learning of a behavior can be the result of observation alone..
“Business necessity” and “job relatedness” are related to:
adverse impact