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A loss of memory for autobiographical information is referred to as:
functional amnesia
The Acute Phase of rape trauma syndrome is characterized by:
An elderly man is not able to recognize familiar faces. For example, he doesn't recognize family members until they speak. This condition is referred to as..
Depressive episodes that occur in a seasonal pattern most likely include:
hypersomnia (increased sleep)
An organization decides to implement changes based on a job characteristics assessment. What is least likely to be affected?
work quality
The use of two-word sentences, called telegraphic speech, normally appears between the age of..
1-2 months
A therapist who assigns a couple the task of looking for things in their relationship that they would like to continue is most likely using which of the following therapeutic approaches?
solution focused
For patients who develop a disturbing degree of hand tremor as the result of taking lithium carbonate, which of the following would be useful?
Lowering the dose of lithium or administering propranolol (Inderal)
Traditional psychoanalytic psychotherapy : transference

as Brief therapies : ___
client insight
Adding more easy to moderately easy items to a difficult test will:
decrease the test's floor
The most common type of work-family conflict is:
time based
The purpose of rotation in factor analysis is to facilitate interpretation of the factors. Rotation:
alters the factor loadings for each variable & the eigenvalue for each factor
The concept of "identical elements" is most applicable to:
employee training
Older adults respond similarly to younger adults, but __
respond slower
Research on electroconvulsive shock therapy (ECT) suggests that:
memory deficits are largely reversible although some problems with autobiographical memory may persist for months
The difference between the General Guidelines for Providers of Psychological Services and the Ethical Principles of Psychologists is that the former:
Speciality guidelines deal with delivery of services to consumers, & General guidelines deal with ethics in general
How long does brief psychotic disorder last?
1 month
Tendency to focus solely on a detail that is taken out of context is called...
seletive abstraction
If an emotionally-charged event is expressively suppressed it is less likely to be...
Which of the "Big Five" personality traits is most associated with Antisocial Personality Disorder?
high on neuroticism,
low on agreeableness, &
low on conscientiousness
From the perspective of Beck's cognitive therapy, suicidal individuals are characterized by a high degree of hopelessness coupled with:
poor problem-solving skills
There is some evidence that children of divorced parents have more academic problems than children from intact families and that..
boys of divorced families exhibit poorer academic performance than girls of divorced families
According to Fiedler's contingency model, a task-oriented leader, also called low LPC, is most effective when...
the task is very structured or very unstructured
In Dissociative Amnesia, memory loss is usually for information acquired...
after the emotional trauma
The tendency to seek, interpret, and create information that verifies our existing beliefs is called..
confirmatory bias
Once exposed to the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the process of converting from antibody negative to antibody positive is referred to as..
The recurrence of hallucinations long after intoxication is most likely to result from the use of
Fetishism involves..
the use of non living objects
Transvestic Fetishism involves...
Cross-dressing fantasies
Frotteurism involves..
touching or rubbing against a nonconsenting person
Which portion of the ethical code “discusses the intent, organization, procedural considerations, and scope of application of the Ethics Code”?
Which 2 parts of the ethics code provides “aspirational goals to guide psychologists toward the highest ideals of psychology.”
preamble & general princles
Which part of the code is enforceable?
According to Berry's acculturation model, marginalization is characterized by:
low involvement in both the mainstream culture & the minority culture
According to social comparison theory, individuals look ___ to validate their own opinions
to similar others
The halo effect can be ___ or ___
positive or negative
The primary associated feature of the Somatoform Disorders is
anxiety and depression
Children generally begin to recognize racial differences based on physical traits between:
age 3-4
Children become able to accurately label themselves:
age 5-9
African-American families use an authority structure that can be best characterized as:
If an employee's ability and willingness to accept responsibility are both low a leader should adopt which type of style?
A sequence of behaviors, in which each behavior serves as reinforcement for the previous behavior, is the outcome of..
Opisthotonus refers to..
refers to whole body spasm
The somatosensory cortex is located in which part of the parietal lobe?
the postcentral gyrus
The Working Memory scale is comprised of the WISC-III subtests of...
arithmetic & digit span
Which of the following best describes the purpose of reframing in family therapy?
increase the family's compliance with the therapist's directives & the treatment plan in general
The preferred treatment for Agoraphobia is
in-vivo exposure with response prevention
Among people at high-risk for AIDS the best intervention to reduce risk taking behavior is...
providing knowledge
Among people at low-risk for AIDS the best intervention to reduce risk taking behavior is...
peer norms
In industrial settings, administration of a trainability test would be done for the purposes of determining whether..
the examinee is likely to do well on a job sample
A Caucasian comes to a stage where he does not want to have racist views. According to Helms, which stage of identity development is this person in?
A client believes his work performance is below average because he feels like a failure. This is an example of:
emotional reasoning
Social displacement syndrome is..
psychiatric disorders among immigrants and refugees are most frequent somewhere between 1-3 years after they immigrate to this country
From the perspective of operant conditioning, depression is the result of:
prolonged extinction schedule
ADHD linked to abnormalities in the following brain structures...
frontal lobe, striatum, & cerebellum
Some potential side effects of Propranolol (Inderal) are:
depression and bradycardia
Bowen's approach to family therapy was strongly influenced by:
psychodynamic theory
Componential, experiential, and practical are the three aspects of which intelligence model?
According to the Ohio State University studies from the 1950s, what are the two dimensions of leadership?
consideration & initiating structure
Determining test-retest reliability would be most appropriate a ___ test
A person with Somatization Disorder is most likely to also have a diagnosis of...
personality disorder
The most frequent complaints among individuals diagnosed with Undifferentiated Somatoform Disorder include:
Chronic fatigue, loss of appetite, gastrointestinal, or genitourinary symptoms
Research suggests that the best single treatment for Agoraphobia is:
flooding or in-vivo exposure with response prevention
The combined efforts of all group members will determine if the tasks are completed and team members receive a bonus describes a __ task.
As a successfully licensed psychologist, you are supervising your first intern. You need to..
inform your intern that he needs to let his clients know he is in supervision
Experimenters find conformity is lowest when the:
subject has a "partner" in the group who shares his or her opinion
Baumrind in 1964 indicated that whose study was unethical?
Although in brief psychotherapy a full-scale transference neurosis is discouraged, ___ is seen as an important contributor to therapy progress
positive transference
When performing cognitive tests, most older adults are able to best perform at what time of day:
Transitivity occurs during what Piaget stage?
concrete operational
Cognitive-behavioral therapy & antidepressant medication in the treatment of depression indicate that..
both equally effective
In working with a triangulated family, a structural family therapist would..
upset the family's balance
The cingulate cortex is part of the __ and is also called the __
limbic system
satisfaction center
Children with Learning Disorders have ___ rates of some disorders &, as adults, continue to exhibit ___ problems than members of the general population
Idealized influence refers to..
high moral & ethical standards
Cortisol is frequently used as measure of:
Emotional responses such as anger and fear are mediated by which of the following brain structures?
According to current research, the best predictor(s) for alcoholism would be..
family history of alcoholism
Scores on the WAIS-III are:
standard scores