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internal spermatic fasica is derived from
transversalis fascia
cremaster muscle + fascia is derived from
internal oblique muscle and aponeurosis
external spermatic fascia is derived from
external oblique aponeurosis
stab wound L ICS 5
left lung. not apex of hear (LV) b/c it's deep to the lung (if deep enough stab would hit the LV too). not RV b/c it's medial to the midclavicular line
location of LV w/ respect to ICS
apex of heart. as far as 5th L ICS midcalvicular, but underneath lung. other chambers are medial to the mid clavicular line
mc injured nerve in the leg?
common peronela b/c superficial coursing around neck fibula
fibula neck fx => what nerve?
common peroneal
where is tibial nerve exposed to trauma
popliteal fossa
choanal atresia = ?
bone maldevelopment => obstruction of nasal passage(s) => respiratory distress, cyanosis
one sided SVC syndrome
brachiocephalic vein obstruction
which ligaments anchor the clavicle to the scapula
acromioclavicular ligament superiorly, coracoclavicular ligament inferiorly
shoulder separation is caused by… is not…
acromioclavicular subluxation. not shoulder dislocation.
superior head of the pancreas is derived from
dorsal bud
caudal regression syndrome. what is it? a/w?
agenesis of the sacrum => flaccid paralysis of the legs. a/w diabetes
posterior part of external auditory canal is innervated by
vagus nerve. (=> vasovagal response)
pt feels like food is sticking in his throat
what causes jejunal, ileal or colonic atresia
not abnormal fetal development. vascular accidents in utero. usu ileum
"apple peel" appearance of bowel
atresia due to major vessel occlusion (SMA) in utero. mesentaery of bowel is absent and bowel segment forms spiral around affected blood vessel
imperforate anus is a/w with other congenital anomalies. what are they, which is the most common?
urogenital anomalies. VACTERL: vertebral, anal atresia, cardiac, tracheoesophageal fistula, esophageal atresia, renal, limb
midshaft humeral fracture. what nerve and artery
deep brachial artery, radial nerve
supracondylar fracture of humerus. what nerve and artery
median nerve, brachial artery