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What is your name?
Como te llamas
How are you
Como Estas
Where are you from?
De donde eres?
Where do you live?
Donde Vives?
What is your phone number?
Cual es tu numero de telefono?
What is your address?
Cual es tu direccion?
What si your email
Cual es tu direction electronica?
How old are you?
Cuantos anos tienes?
What is the date?
Que fecha es?
When is your birthday?
Cuando es tu cumpleanos?
What do you like to do?
Que te gusta hacer?
What day is it?
Que dia es hoy?
What nationality are you?
Que nacionalidiad eres?
What do you have to do tonight/tomorrow?
Que tienes que hacer esta noche manana?
What are you like?
Como eres?
What do you do?
Que haces?
How often do you?
Con que frecuencia?
What do you have to do on the weekends?
Que haces el fin de semana?
Que haces viernes por la noche?
What are you doing Friday night?
What do you like to do with your friends?
A tu amigo que le gusta hacer?
What is your career?
Cual es tu carrera?
What classes are you taking?
Que clase tomas?
Que hora es?
What time is it?
Que quiere decir?
What does that mean?
What time is your class?
A que hor es la clase?
What classes do you have this semester
Que clases tienes este semestre
what school do you go to
a que universidad asistes
Do you run with your dog?
Corres con tu perro?
With who do you want to live?
con quien vives?
Do you think there is a Santa
Crees en papa noel?
Do you read a lot of books?
Lees muchos libros?
In what month is your birthday?
En que mes cumples ano?
Do you recieve good grades?
Revibes buenas notas
Do you take many notes for class?
Escribes muchos papeles para las clases?
Adonde vas?
Where are you going?
Que vas a hacer manana?
What are you going to do tomorrow?
Como te sientes y por que
How do you feel and why?
What do you want to be? What would you like to be?
Que quieres ser? Que te guataria ser?
How is your family
como es tu familia
How many brothers and sisters?
Cuantos hermanos tienes
What time you wake up?
A que hora despiertas?
What time do you go to sleep?
A que hora te acuestas?
What bothers you
Que te molesta?
What interests you?
Que te interesta?
What are you doing?
Que estas haciendo ahora?
I am working
estoy trabajando