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you are charge nurse -- patient says pain needs aren't being met -- what do you do?
talk to nurse in charge of that patient -- later you can assess patient, etc. -- if needed
what type of adjunctive pain relief can be given besides nsaids for diabetic neuropathy?
elevil -- antidepressant
who are greatest risk from side effects from opioids?
elderly, opiate naive and underlying pulmonary -- see which client has the most risk factors
patient refuses pain medication because of fear he will be a drug addict like brother -- what first intervention
enocurage the expression of those fears and past experiences
what are one of first signs of opiod withdrawal?
late signs of opioid withdrawal?
fever, nausea, cramps between 48 and 72 hours
for cognitively impaired patient who can't report pain what should you do first?
get info from family
if a family member comes to you and says the patient isn't get relief what should you do?
go assess client for pain
what stage of cancer is cancer in situ?
side effect of oncovin
what are four phases of chemo for leukemia?
induction, intesification, consolidation, maintenance
what most important lab value for tumor lysis syndrome?
What is a big concern with SIADH?

What supplement may be ordered?
hyponatremia -- sodium supplements may be ordered
Can an LPN arrange a consult?
no -- it's within the scope of practice of an RN
what does low phosphorous case?
muscle weakness?
Can nursing assistant's check blood glucose levels?