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UMOS will notify who if any misuse or if personal password compromised?
desk officer/designated supervisor OR ICO
DO will inspect all areas containing Dept computer systems how often?
this will be recorded where?
at least once each tour

record results in command log
if desk officer finds any misuse or damage to Dept computer systems he will notify who?
DO/designated supv will notify __________ to report inoperable or malfunctioning computers and notify _________
to report inoperable or malfunctional MDT's. Above notifications will be recorded where?
Fleet Services
Telephone Record
who will inspect all MDT's assigned to commmand, how often. He will take immediate action to correct condition if any misuse or damage found and notify who?
Patrol Supervisor
Who will be responsible for and maintain the integrity of all official Dept digital/analog recorded media (eg video tape, digital computer files or digital audio/video recordings)?
How often will ICO's observe all areas and Dept vehicles with equipment and ensure security guidelines are complied with?
Who will investigate any circumstances or conditions which may indicate abuse of computer systems?
Requests for focused audits of computer terminal activity from IAB, CO's, ICO's, invest uniys will prepare a 49 adressed to _________?

Commands are not authorized to transfer radios to other commands.
TRUE, all radio reassignments must be approved by CO, Communications Section.
UMOS assigned will deliver defective batteries to __________, up to _______ may be replaced at one time.
Electronics Section
up to 15
219-15 Portable Radio Transceivers
UMOS assigned will prepare a 61 for missing antennas, batteries, or radio cases. He will report damage or missing parts to __________?
219-15 Port Radio Transceivers

UMOS assigned will prepare 61 w/IAB log# and report facts to _________ if radio is lost or stolen?
Dept vehs with defective radios that require repair will be brought to ___________ between _________. Between 1500 and 2400 are for emergency repairs only.
who will enter metrocard serial # on each member's force record in order to maintain an accurate account of metrocards assigned to members in the command?
damaged/defective metrocard?
ICO will conduct an investigation and prepare a 49 for CO's signature requesting a replacement card and have report and damage/defective metrocard HAND DELIVERED to the Employee Management Div
with regards to dept issued metrocards, member going on long term leave.........
ICO will ensure meber surrenders his metrocard immediately prior to leave and have metrocard hand delivered to EMD. Upon member's return from long term leave, prepare a report on typed letterhead for the signature of the CO requesting re-iissuance of a metrocard
how many cones in a car?
how many waterproof body covers in a car?
none, unless patrol supervisor's car then 4
what, specifically, will be engraved (veh equip)?
crow bar
sledge hammer
polyguard shield
what paperwork is required to be in the cars?
Inspection and Equipment Record
radio repair record
radio code signals
patrol supv--->S/A/A plus
Detail Roster
219-01 Vehicle Operator will report cond of veh and equip, including missing or damaged equip or defective seatbelts, or indications of improper use of seatbelt to?
Patrol Supervisor
219-01 Inspection of vehicles each tour by op
Patrol supervisor will report serious deficiencies to?
Pla Comm in his absence, direct to CO
219-01 Patrol Supervisor will report all vandalism to veh/equip to?
who wil lconduct weekly inspection of dept autos?
completed vehicle inspection report will be delivered to?
Lt Plat Com/Patrol Supv
each Sunday, after 2nd plat is posted
lt plat comm/pat sup will submit to lt plat com/do who will report serious deficiencies to co
219-03 repairs to dept veh
repairs during business hours?
other than business hrs?
boro service station (except speedometer)
central repair shop (all other repairs replacements other than business hrs)

DO will direct prep of Emergency Requisition
A 79 Ford Crown Vic requires repair by an outside agency under service warranty? when will it need to be seen by boro service station?
it will first be delivered to boro service station for inspection and will be returned to boro service station upon completion of repairs no later than next business day
219-04 car wash
A.) who prepares car wash authorization?
B.) car wash is for all dept vehs except?
C.) housing transit?
D.) Expense reports will be forwarded where and by when?
A.) Car wash auth will be obtained from the DO, pct in which car wash is located. DO prepares
B.) patrol wagons, buses, trucks, confidential nature
C.) use own vendors go to their DO
D.) to Audits and Accounts Section by the 10th of the month
When a tire is removed from rim and can't be repaired, the only charge to be entered on voucher is?
UMOS delivers white copy of voucher to?
for the removal of tire
DO of command to which veh is assigned
An Authorized tire repair shop requires a new VOUCHER pad. What will the DO enter in the C/L?
the first and last serial number of the old pad being returned and the new pad. the returned pad will be destroyed compare with 219-07 removing tire repair shops from the list where DO enters first and last serial number of each returned pad and the FIRST UNUSED SERIAL NUMBER in each returned pad also request 2 copies of statement of charges due for current month
if less than 4 inches of snow have fallen who may determine if chains should be used?
CO, PLat Comm, or PAtrol Supervisor
UMOS returns broken tire chains to?

Chains must not be mounted on front wheel drive vehicles
Dept tow will be used for?
L ift Heavy Articles
E vidence
A ssist ESU
D ept veh unable to op
A bandoned on pub hwy (not
P arade blocked by veh
E mergency path blocked by veh
Dept Tow requested thru? cancelled thru?
request thru Dept Tow Section

cancel thru FSD
there are 2 times when a UMOS must remain at scene to safeguard veh.......
safeguard Dept veh and vehs required as evidence
The CO is on vacation and has left his Dept auto (Cat 1 Vehicle) in the pct parking lot, no one will be using it for a week (7 days). How many entries will a UMOS complete in the Umarked Vehicle Utilization Record?
ZERO doesn't apply to Cat 1
Anti-Crime has Sun/Mon off. On Sun RMP 544 (assigned to A/C) is in the lot and will not be used by anyone. Will entries be required to be made in the Unmarked veh Utilization Record
yes, each day whether used or not
photographic surveillance vans, special "stakeout" veh, etc are classified as what type of veh?
Special Purpose Veh
If fuel system at dept facility is not working notify?
supervisor at facility and Fuel Control center
SS # will be entered when fueling?
private auth veh or Dept rentel/leased
If a member loses, misplaces, or damages a computerized Operator card the member must immediately notify? (as per 219-11)
Fuel Control
the %90 ullage amt is?
the amt that can sefely be added to the storage tank
Amt of gas is determined from?
vendor's truck
If vendor is on-site and delivery can't be made (tank full, tank blocked).....
a sgt or above must sign vending invoice stating tank full, blocked (write plate)
DO will make what C/L entries re: delivery of gas?
A mt of gas
N ame MOS verifyig
I nvoice #
V endor's name

notify Fuel Control as soon as delivery completed
re 219-12 Delivery of gas
DO will forward one copy of vendor's invoice to? when?
to Audits and accts on day after receipt of gas
engine oil is reordered from?
219-13 delivery of heating oil
MOS will order heating oil and tell them to see DO/supv concerned prior to pumping oil this will be documented where?
Tel Record
219-13 delivery of oil
vendor's ticket must be signed by?
DCAS inspector
#4 or #6 oil ticket and certificate, certificate should be signed by DCAS
delivery of oil
member will verify delivery how?
amt on meter+amt on ticket,
sign ticket/certificate with name and TAX
delivery of heating oil 219-13
DO will make what C/L entries?
Receipt of DCAS cert indicate
V endor
A mt
T ruck #
DO will forward vendor ticket to, when?
Audit and Acct's w/ next Dept mail
Electronics Section will not accept more than ___ radios at at time?
UMOS assigned will telephone Electronics Sect ___when to determine if radio has been repaired?
within 4 weeks
ICO will review Dept records pertaining to Dept radios when?
in mass arrest situations, commands may obtain film from?
Chf of Det
det boro
OCCB ops desk

in emergency situations Quartermaster will supply additional film and equipment
UMOS will report missing/damaged Patrol Kit items to?
Patrol Supervisor and promptly replace them

At least one case containing a Patrol Kit should be affixed to a wal in a conspicuous, accessible location at each pct, td, psa, etc
219-17 Patrol Kits
DO will contact ________ to arrange for messenger to pick up regulated infectious waste
Med Div Sick Desk Supervisor

Do will ensure messenger removes and seals waste liner, and places a new biohazard liner in can

Do will make a C/L entry re; removal of waste
What is OPIM?
well, saliva or urine not contaminated with blood is NOT Opim. Only items contaminated with blood or Opim need to be disposed in biohazard recepticles
219-18 insp of supplies
DO will notify ________ if supplies aren't accepted?
219-19 Insp of Dept Lockers

if member not present who may witness inspection?
A.)CO C.)delegate
B.)DO D.)command clerk
all of the above, another MOS will witness

also if member not present inspecting member is require dto notify member concerned, and provide for safekeeping of equipment and reimbursement to member if lock damaged
Inspection of Lockers 219-19
Supervising member will enter what in C/L?
# of lockers inspected
member to whom assigned
reason for inspection
members present
219-20 loss/theft dept prop
UMOS notifies

He notifies

CO and Ops Coord
loss/theft dept prop
Who conducts investigation?
Ops coord and he will make a C/L entry of facts and results of investigation
loss/theft dept prop
who will prepare 49? addressed to?
Ops coord to CO
219-20 loss/theft dept prop
who will notify IAB
Ops Coord
219-20 loss/theft dept prop
Who will notify SPIS?
Ops Coord
219-20 loss/theft dept prop
if property consists of a Metrocard....
Ops coordinator will notify Transit Bureau Special Investiagtion Unit and
Transit Wheel and

copy 49 to:
CO Transit and
219-20 loss/theft dept prop if loss of a tool, tire, etc from dept veh..
Ops Coord forward 3 copies of report to CO, FSD
lost/stolen firearm, shield, id 219-21
A.)if loss in city
B.)if loss in W, O, R, P
C.)if loss in LI
D.)if loss o/s city or res
Notify DO
A.)pct of occur
D.)Operations Unit
lost/stolen firearm, shield, id 219-21
who prepares part A and B
if outside city (called Ops), Ops does parts A&B
lost/stolen firearm, shield, id 219-21
Do will notify?
CO/duty Capt
and IAB
lost/stolen firearm, shield, id 219-21
Where does IAB log # go?
in "details" on 61 if prepared
if no 61, then put in Tel record
219-23 Solar Cellular Callboxes
damaged/missing components who must be notified?
Communications Div
M-F 0800-1600 Telecommunicatiosn Unit
other Lt Plat Comm
dupe copy of 61 to Telecommunications Unit
219-26 Dept Metrocards
Who will deliver completed Metrocard distribution list and expired MetroCards to EMD?
When will UMOS carry MetroCard
whenevr shield and ID are required to be carried
if dept facility loses elctrical power (regardless of whetehr or not emergency generator system is activated) DO/supv officer will?
notify BMS make entry in Telephone Record