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What features must reflect the northern (French) Late Gothic influences?
Surface decoration and detailed pinnacles and tracery.
What feature of Milan Cathedral is most Italian?
It's triangle look, naves wide in relation to height.
How is facade of Orvieto Cathedral related to those of French Gothic churches?
Facade has rose window, four pinnacles, puts all concepts together
Distinctive feature of Tudor perpendicular style of English Gothic?
What did Villard use for basis of his drawings?
Geometric shapes.
How did stained glass windows change from the 12th to 13th?
They replaced walls instead ofconcealing them. They TRANSMIT light rather than REFLECT.
Sculptor of the visitation group at Reims Cathedral was influenced by what style?
Classical and Naturalistic style.
How does the style of Jamb figures (facade portals) and transcepts of Charles Cathedral change?
Was Archaic--Now Classical
Was Rigid/Doll-like--Now Realistic/Expressive and Naturalistic
How does the Sainte-Chapelle exemplify the rayonnant style?
It's associated with royal court of St. Louis. Enormous windows that filter light throughout.
What is the purpose of Sainte-Chapelle in Paris?
It is a repository for the crown of thorns and other relics of Christ.
How was it possible to remove the Alternative-Support system?
Cause of a change in the vault design.
What used to be apart of Early Gothic that wasn't apart of High Gothic
Removal of the Alt-Support System
What was the change in the nave elevation from Early to High Gothic?
Stained glass oculi, opened up the wall below the clestory lancets
What is the function of the flying buttresses?
Exterior arches that sprung from lower roof, over aisles and ambulatory and counter the outward thrust of the nave.
What is the new feature found in the Gothic Cathedral?
Triforium, Alt/Supprt System, and the pointed arches.
Name 3 Romanesque features of Laon Cathedral.
Have bays with large particle rib vault. Vaulting system. Vaulted gallery above aisles.
What is the advantage of pointed arches over round arches?
Channeled weight of vaults more directly downward therefore require less buttressing. Also leads eyes upward , making it appear taller.
List 3 structural features of a gothic vault?
Ribbed. Pointed Arch. ___?
Which city could be considered center of Gothic Europe?
Which country made the biggest process towards a centralized state during the Medival Period?
How did Gothic (social/economical) period differ from that of the Romanesqu Period
Romanesque went from intellectal/religious life to big citied Gothic Period
Where and when did Gothic style originate?
1140, Northern France
What was the consequence of death of Otto III that will set poitical structure that characterizes the middle part of the Midevil period?
Imperial unity never materialized.
What are the 2 monuments of bronze casting during the reign of Otto III and what inspired them?
Great Doors of St. Mike's=Old/New Testaments (Adam/Eve)
AND Spiral Column of St. Mike's= Story of Jesus's life.
What is the function of alternative-support system?
To support the weight of the wall.
Describe the alternative support system.
Alernatively wall supports in the nave, usually piers and columns or 10 pound piers of alternative form.
The palatine Chapel of Charlemagne resembles which church in Italy?
San Vitale.
Where is Charlemagne's capital city?
Aachen (because of its hot springs)
When was Charlemagne crowned head of the Holy Roman Empire?
800, Christmas Day
What are 3 characteristics of NEW choir at St. Denis as described by Abbot Suger that are characterized of New Gothic style.
New types of Vaulting. Stained glass windows. ____?
List 3 characteristics of style utilized on ornamental page from the Book of Lindisfame.
Abstract. Intricate/Detailed Design. Rhythmic (expanding and contracting forms) Symbolic.
List 2 monuments of bronze castings during the reign of Otto the III and what inspired them.
1.Great Doors of St. Mike's =Old/New Testaments (Adam/Eve)
2. Spiral Columns of St. Mike's = Story of Jesus' life.