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What is a hypothesis?
A prediction. A hypothesis is a statement which may or may not be true. To test a hypothesis, we can construct a questionnaire, carry out a survey and analyse the results.
Prediction, statement, questionnaire, survey, analysis.
What is a questionnaire?
Questionnaires are used to collect data. In buisness they are used to get information about products or services and in politics they are used to test opinions on a range of issues and personalities.
Data collection, buisness, politics.
How should you write questions for questionnaires?
1, Use simple language
2, Ask short questions
3, Provide tick boxes
4, Not open ended questions
5, No leading questions
Language, length, answers, questions.
Why should you not ask "How old are you?", and rewrite question.
Firstly, the question is too personal, and secondly it is too open ended. It would need option boxes. A better way to ask this question would be; "Which age group do you belong to ?"
Under 18 _
18 to 40 _
41 to 65 _
Over 65 _
Answers, option boxes.
How would you ask for multiple responses?
You can ask for multiple responses by putting "tick as many boxes as you wish".
As many as you want.
Susan wants to find out what people think about the Health Sefvice. Part of the questionnaire she has written is;
Q4, "What is your date of birth?"
Q5, "Don't you agree that waiting lists for operations are too long?"
Q6, How many times do you visit your doctor?
Less than 5 _
5-10 _
More than 10 _
Why should each question not be asked?
Q4 is to personal
Q5 is a leading question
Q6 does not give a time specification.
Leading, personal, time.
The following questions were considered when preparing questions for a survey on the use of a library. Explain why each question is usuitable and rewrite the question so that it is suitable.
"How old are you?"
"How many times have you used the library?"
"How old are you?" is too personal and too open ended. it needs option boxes. A better way of asking this question would be;
"Which age group do you fit into?"
Under 18 _
18 to 40 _
41 to 65 _
Over 65 _

"How many times have you used the library?" has no time specification and is too open ended. It would also need option boxes. A better way of asking this question would be;
"How many times on average do you use the library per month?"
Under 5 _
5 to 10 _
More than 10 _
Option boxes, open ended.
What questions could you include in a questionnaire to test the hypothesis "people think it is better to give than to receive."?
Male _
Female _

Under 10 _
10 to 16 _
17 to 21 _
22 to 39 _
40 to 60 _
Over 60 _

Do you think it is better to give or to receive?
Give _
Receive _

To which of the following have you given to in the last year? Tick as many boxes as you wish.
School _
Charities _
Church _
Hospitals _
Special appeals _
Homeless _
Other (please specify) _
Gender, age, give or receive, what given to.
Sunita uses a questionnaire to carry out a survey about mobile phones.
She wants to find out the number of text messages people send.
Write down a question she could ask.
On average, how many texts do you send each week?
Less than 10 _
10 to 20 _
21 to 30 _
31 to 40 _
41 to 50 _
More than 51 _
Time frame, tick boxes.
Nadia delivers a questionnaire to every house on her street.
One of the questions on the questionnaire is
“Do you agree that under-16s should not be allowed outdoors after 9pm?”
(a) (i) Write down one criticism of this question.

(b) Write a suitable question asking parents what they think is the latest time that
under-16s should be indoors.
The question is a leading question. A more suitable question would be;
"How late do you think under 16's should be allowed outdoors until?"
Before 6pm _
6pm to 8pm _
8pm to 10pm _
After 10pm _
Leading, option boxes.
What is a census?
A census is a survey of the whole of a population.
Whole population.