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The interrogative qué can function as an adj, which or what;¿Qué estudiantes no se sientan bien=Which students don't feel well?
Qué asks for an identification or a definition.
¿Qué es esto? What is this?
¿Qué es un cóctel Molotov? What’s a Molotov cocktail?
Qué followed by a noun asks “which one?”
¿Qué vestido te gusta más? Which dress do you like best?
¿Qué manzana vas a comer? Which apple are you going to eat?
Cuál followed by a form of the verb ser asks “what” (which one of all the possibilities).
¿Cuál es tu nombre? What is your name?
If someone were to ask “¿Qué es un nombre?” They are asking for a literal definition of what a name is. The answer: A name is a way of identifying a person.
¿Cuál es la fecha? What is today’s date?
If someone were to ask ¿Qué es la fecha? they would be asking literally for a definition of the word “date”.
¿por qué?
how much
¿cuántos (as)?
how many
¿A quién(es)?
Whose (to whom)