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what are the advantages of MI according to Hockenstein? 2
1. allows firms to share burden of pollution control
2. provides incentives for companies to adopt cheaper and better pollution control techniques
advantage arguments of MI lecture notes? 5
1. efficiency- achieves same policy end at lower cost
2. innovation choose techniques that maximizes profit of their business
3. information use- govt. cannot match information processes of the market
4. minimizes govt. intrusion
5. less enforcement so less admin.
Disadvantages of MI Hockenstein? 2
1. idea of getting right to pollute by environmentalists
2. needs new people with new knowledge--> fear of permanent replacement by old workers
disadvantages of MI lecture notes? 4
1. determining tax level hard
2. still requires admin.
3. enforcement difficult new tech or self reporting
4. political philosophical issues (i.e. equity, private ownership, social values, motivation)
Why not successful in US according to Hockenstein? 6
1. limited experience with market models
2. out of date bureaucracy
3. need for business focused experts
4. lack of trust in business
5. lack of public understanding
6. design flaws 20%
How to improve according to Hockenstein? 3
1. deregulate to states
2. pollute less get tax credit
3. where to put hazardous waste
Great Energy scam reasons for MI? 3
1. most companies just spray stuff on the coal and call it synfuel
2. when tax credits end so does business for synfuel
3. treating coal makes it more expensive than regular coal
ways to improve textbook MI? 2
1. taxes are a good option to replace rules and regulations would reduce admin. costs
2. injunctions obtaining a court order that requires pollution to be lowered and if not polluter will be forced to cease operations