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retrieval cues
anything that helps you access info from long term memory, why its easier to recognize than recall
recall recognition
depth-of-processing (levels- of-processing)-
The more deeply an item is encode the more meaning it has and the better is rememberd
retention interval
the amount of time you can retain information
semantic code, phonologic code,visual code,-
visual code,-vision
phonologic code, -auditory
semantic code-language
What is incidental learning
indirect / additional / unplanned learning within a formal learning design
eidetic imagery,
A visual image which is recalled in accurate detail. It is a sort of projection of an image on a mental screen.
elaborative rehearsal-
The encoding of information in a more meanigngful fashion such as linking it to knowledge in long-term memory
What is context reinstatement?-
A reinforcer of the context, if in same context you have an advantage
give evidence for and against an early selection model
-Somethings never reach unconscious level
How do we perceive depth?
Binocular and Monocular, binocular can combine different, can discover spatial relations and make asummpptions , binocular monocular, bincular different
automatic orienting
we control the focus of our attention
automatic orienting
Have to pay attention to some things
Are more choices better when faced with a decisio
No you feel overwhelmed and don’t always pick the right one
Temporal stages of memory-
Storage and retrieval, encoding HM has issues with encoding and storage
Where do we think memories ultimately are stored?
Stored where the its processed at activation areas
How does context help and hurt memory?
Helps by filling, but we can fill in wrong things