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describing the artistic style of ancient greece and rome civilizations by balance elegance & simplicity
building for the gods
the Greeks wrote the Athens leader Pericles were "lovers of the beautiful each Greek city state traded to turn its acropolis into an architectural treasure the Parthenon-the temple to Athena built summit of acropolis in Athens it was begun in 447 BC and finished in 432 BC under the rule of Pericles
building used for worship
an artistic technique for showing the relationships in space between objects
Greek Arts
The Greek love of beauty was expressed in the fine arts as well as the architecture. in both painting and sculpture the Greeks because they emphasized the individual excelled at portering the human form
Painting on Vases
they paint the events in there lives on vases
a tall 2 handled Greek vase
sculpting the human body
Greek sculpture like Greek architecture reached its high in Athens during the time of Pericles
one of the greatest sculptors of Greeks golden age portrait in his statues idealized views of what people should look like
Greek sculptor, was in charge of the Parthenons sculptures
reflected the changes that had occurred in Greek life
Drama and theater
the Greeks explored the human condition through theatrical dramas. they were the 1st people to perform and write plays
a story or play in which the central character struggles against destiny but then meets an unhappy end
the 1st of the great writers of tragedies in the 400's BC
had served as a general in the Athenian army and lived through most of the peloponesian war
rarely dealt with the influence of the gods & goddesses on human lives instead he forced on the qualities human beings possessed bring disaster on themselves
A comedy tonight
eventually the Greeks also wrote comedy's plays with humor themes and happy endings
plays with humor themes and happy endings
The Olympic games
games that Greeks from all over Greece competed against each other in
where the Greek games(Olympics) were held