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king, or a king.
I rocco.
The horse.
I roccor.
The horses.
Minë lië nu minë aran.
One people under one king.
I aran ar i tári.
The king and the queen.
The kings.
I arani
The horse under (or below) the willow.
I rocco nu i tasar.
A maiden and a queen.
Vendë ar tári.
The queen and the maidens.
I tári ar i vendi.
The Sun and the Moon.
Anar ar Isil.
(Two) eyes, (natural pair of) eyes.
Atta hendi
Two eyes (= atta hendi, referring to "two eyes" only casually related, like two eyes of two different persons, one eye from each. The dual form hendu, on the other hand, refers to a natural pair of eyes.)
Two trees.
Atta aldar
Two trees
Minë nér ar minë nís.
One man and one woman.
I sardi.
The stones.
Two ships (just any two ships that happen to be seen together)
Atta ciryar.
Two ships (that happen to be sister ships)
Arms (the two arms of one person)
Two mountains (within the same range; Twin Peaks, if you like – use a dual form)
Double gate (use a dual form)
Two birds (that have formed a pair)
Two birds (just any two birds)
Atta aiwi.
Men and women.
Neri ar nissi.
Morë rocco.
A black horse.
Calimë hendu.
Bright eyes.
Neldë firini neri.
Three dead men.
Vanyë aiwi.
Beautiful birds.
Tári ná taura nís.
A queen is a mighty woman.
I oronti nar altë.
The mountains are great.
Aran taura
Best interpreted "a king [is] mighty", the copula being left out and understood, but it could also mean "a mighty king" with a somewhat unusual word-order
I nér ar i nís nar sailë.
The man and the woman are wise.
The white gate.
I ninquë ando.
A great ship.
Alta cirya.
The floor is red.
I talan ná carnë.
One black stone and three white stones.
Minë morë sar ar neldë ninqui sardi.
Wise kings are mighty men.
Sailë arani nar taurë neri.
The mighty man and the beautiful woman are evil.
I taura nér ar i vanya nís nar úmië.
Elves are beautiful.
Eldar nar vanyë.
The Elves are a beautiful people.
Eldar nar vanya lië.
I nís lálëa.
The woman is laughing.
I antiuca Nauco máta.
The fattest Dwarf is eating.
I tári tíra i aran.
The queen is watching the king.
I analta oron ná taura.
The greatest mountain is mighty.
I nér tultëa i anvanya vendë.
The man is summoning the most beautiful maiden.
I aiwë lindëa.
The bird is singing.
I Naucor mápëar i canta Eldar.
The Dwarves are seizing the four Elves.
I antaura aran ná saila.
The mightiest king is wise.
The woman is watching the greatest (/biggest) ship.
I nís tíra i analta cirya.
The most evil (/evilest) men are dead.
I anúmië neri nar firini.
The Elf is seizing the book.
I Elda mápëa i parma.
Four men are lying under a tree.
Canta neri caitëar nu alda.
The wisest Elf is reading a book
I assaila Elda cendëa parma
The king and the queen are reading the book.
I aran ar i tári cendëar i parma.
The birds are singing.
I aiwi lindëar.
The four Dwarves are watching a bird.
I canta Naucor tírar aiwë.