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ugliest woman in Britain who prophesied of doom for Guinevere on the night of Gwen's birth
daughter of leodegrance and queen elen; she grows up and becomes the High Queen of Britain, King Arthur's wife
Guinevere's best childhood friend and nephew who became her servant after an incident; he is the son of Gwarthgydd, Gwen's half-brother. He proposed Gwen to Arthur
Guinevere's best childhood friend in Gwynedd who became an enemy after Gwen married Arthur. She set up a deal with melwas to abduct Guinevere; she also seduces Lancelot and took him away from Gwen
Enchanter and Arthur's dearest friend and advisor
son of Great Uther Pendragon and Ygraine; he is the High King of Britain and is the husband of Guinevere
an irish prince, son of Gilomar the King, who lead a raid on Pellinore's shores. He loves Guinevere but let her go because of her future, and stood and confirmed Gwillim's proposal to Arthur
Zephyr and Ebon
Zephyr is Guinevere's 13th birthday gift given by Pellinore from High King's stables, bred by Sir Lancelot. She is named after the west wind. Guinevere followed Fion's suggestion and persuaded Pellinore to let her hawk. His falconer found Ebon and Ebon was trained by Gwen, the way Gwarth had taught her. Zephyr and Ebon took two months to get accustomed to each other.
the knight from Lanascol who bred and trained horses. He is the first among the Companions and second-in-command, Arthur's close friend. He fell in love with Guinevere on the day they met.
trained by Merlin as his assistant, and later on as his replacement as the Enchanter and Arthur's advisor. She is the Lady of the Lake in Avalon and the Goddess' servant; she is later King Pelleas of River Isles' wife
Round Table
Pellinore's wedding gift for Arthur that can be dissambled into section for ease of transport
King of the Summer Country who lives with his sister Seulte and has eyes for girls. He wanted Guinevere and was in the plan with Elaine to rape, but he failed to do so. He became Arthur's loyal ally and his strongest supporter in the southwest after being defeated by Arthur on the field of honor
Queen of Orkney, wife of King Lot, mother of Gawaine, Gaheris, Agravaine, Gareth, and Mordred, and the exiled half-sister of Arthur. She pretends to be a wise old woman named Sybil who accuses Lancelot of raping many poor girls for her pleasure.
the son of Morgause and Arthur, who was conceived the night of Arthur's victory at Caer Eden before Arthur was proclaimed
the son of Lancelot and Elaine. Even at a young age, his mother has already set his mind against Guinevere. Like Mordred, he is serious and thoughtful, but unlike Mordred, he had no sense of humor and wanted an unattainable glory. He is the purest knight in Britain.
The younger, stronger version of the hot-headed sister Elaine who was capable of almost anything. After Pellinore’s death, he took over and is husband of Queen Anet of Strathclyde; he attempts to purify Gwynedd and wipe out the Druids.
Arthur’s sister and second wife of King Urien of Rheged, but she is young enough to be his daughter. She has no compassion as a mother and as a wife and referred to herself as Witch of Rheged. She was later put away and was sent to Castle Daure to join Morgause.
Guinevere’s loving but lazy nurse who had attended Gwen from her birth until she died. Guinevere loved her dearly like a mother.
Salowen is the leader of the Druids whose power and Sight was passed onto Kevin, an acolyte and graduate of the School when he was killed by an eager Maelgon
hell; loss of one’s soul
bow, curtsy, etc; anything done to show honor or respect
an officer having the full charge of domestic arrangements, ceremonies, the administration of justice, etc.
arrogance; overbearing pride
doomed; fated to die
thoughtful; reflective
excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures; intemperance
utterly and shamelessly immoral; improperly conducted
restore kingdom of britain
sword/ gwen's loyalty
crossing channel for war/ giving sword to arthur, orkney boys, holy grail, gwen's journey to caemlot
Athe fall
sleeping with sister; Mordred/ caught at the final kiss goodbye
Aunhealable wound
baby barge; sleeping with sister, love between Lancelot and Gwen/ unable to conceive
Athe ritual
jousting tournaments, feasts, solstice, ceremonies, hearing in court
Athe magic weapon
Athe hero
Aunusual birth
uther and Igraine/prophecy
Afoster parents
sir ector/alyse and pellinore
sword in stone/saving fion
AReturns to kingdom when reaches man/womanhood
goes to Camelot
Amarries a princess/prince
Abecomes king/queen
High King/High Queen
Amysterious death
technically killed by Mordred in battle/not known
Abody is not buried
taken to Avalon/not known
Athe initiates
arthur, lancelot, guinevere
Asupernatural intervention
magic, changing into animals, unable to be defeated in battle/Niniane and Merlin
Ahunting group of companions
knights of the round table
Aloyal retainers
the servants/Anna, Alyse
Afriendly beasts
Questing Beast: Archimedes/ horses, birds
Adevil figure
Mordred and Morgause
Athe outcast
Lancelot, Elaine, Morgause
AThe Temptress
Elaine, Guinevere/Morgause
AThe Unfaithful Wife
Guinevere/not unfaightful
Astar-crossed lovers
gwen and lancelot
Afather-son conflict
arthur vs mordred, Lancelot vs. Galahad
Acreature of nightmare
the quest
restore freedom to galaxy
the task
save leia; destroy the death star
the magic weapon
most commonly the light sabres
the fall
down the garbage chute
death and rebirth
when luke disappears underwater in garbage chute then suddenly reappears
natural vs mechanistic world
luke vs darth
ben vs darth
rebels vs empire
humans vs storm troopers
the hero
luke skywalker
the young man from the provinces
luke skywalker
the mentor
obi-wan kenobi
the devil figure
darth vader and possibly the general
the outcase
han solo or Ben Kenobi
the scapegoat
ben submits to darth
the loyal retainers
C3PO, R2D2, sometimes Chewie
creature of nightmare
jabba the hut, sand people, cantina creatures
the friendly beast
the damsel in distress
princess leia
the temptress
the ingenue