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the activity to achieve the desired outcome
quantifies a process or outcome related to many cases
aggregate data indicator
whether the type of care is necessary
appropiateness of care
involves comparing one organization w/ that of another
a group process used to develop a large colection of ideas w/o regard to their merit or validity
data collected during the time of care
concurrent data
the degree to which the care is coordinated among practitioners or organizations or both
continuity of care
expense of not doing things right the first time
cost of quality
documents the basic treatment or action sequence in an effort to eliminate unnecessary variation
critical path
a person department ot organization that needs or wants the desired outcome
the level of benefit when services are rendered under ordinary circumstances by average practitioners for typical patients
effectiveness of care
the levelof benefit expected when healthcare services are applied under ideal conditions
efficacy of care
the highest quality of care deliveredin the shortest amount of time w/ the least amount of expense and a positive outcome
efficiency of care
preestablished level of performance applied to a specific indicator
group dynamic tool for problem identification and analysis
focus group
a quality management methos developed by the hospital corporation of america
a valid and reliable quantitive process or outcome measure related to one or more dimensions of performance
info or knowledge necessary to achieve the desired outcome
federal legislation mandating quality standards for all mammo procedures
Mammographic quality standards act mqsa
refers to the desired outcome
an ordered series of steps that help achieve a desired outcome
the measure of the level of quality at some point in time w/ no further effort to change or improve the level of care
quality assessment
an all encompasing management program used to ensure excellence
quality assurance
the part of the qa program that deals w/ techniques used in monitoring and maintenance of technical systems
quality control
a group of individuals who are responsible for implementing the solutions that were derived by focus group
quality improvement team
legislation act that mandates anyone to report equipment malfunction
safe medical device act
an individual event or phenomenom that is significant enough to trigger further review each time it occurs
sentinental event indicator
one who provides goods or services
provides info that can be helpful in matching a healthcare organization's rexources and capabilities to the competitive environment in which it operates
SWOT analysis
group of related processes