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Qualitative research refers to research methods that seek to understand and explain
The social meaning of phenonena
Qualitative research tries to avoid disturbing the
natural setting
qualitative reseach questions are not limited by
operationalizing variables
Qualatitve research is __________ in nature that quantitative
Qual. research tries to see things from:
the subjects point of view
__________ are not significant
external causes
Data is collected in _____ and describes people, places and conversations
Inviewing has two major types:
1- individual interviews
2- focus groups
observing is sometimes called:
_________ are taken while shadowing subjects
Field notes
Two methods used ti collect data
1- constant comparative
2- content analysis
_____________ describes the stability and the results reported the data.
________ refers to the "extend to which inferences are appropriate and meaningful"
researchers authenticate the validy of the data by:
allowing the participant to examine transcripts to affirm or disconfirm their accuracy.
_______ is the ability to reassign the findings from a study to another setting
Limitations can be strengthened by using
many cases
__________ is the degree to which the results of the study can be duplicated.
Three major methods to increase reliabilty
1- bias statements
2- trangulation of data
3-auditing data
research s deemed neutral if the findings were determinded by the _______ not the bias, motivation intrests or perspectives of the researcher.
A __________ strengthes the degree of neutrality in a qualitative study
statement of researchers bias
researchers should also reprt_______ that could affect the truthworthiness of the study. (exp. number of participants/sites and amount of data collected)
interviews/ how people really think
professor going to the greatful dead concerts to observe over many years
Looking at data such as files and news paper articles
case study
Three techniques for data
-artifact collecting
Qualitative is a/n "______________" term, it describes several research stratagies that share common characteristics
Helps us to understand:
social phenomema
questions are formed to:
allow investigation
"natural setting"
questions are formed to allow
__________ are secondary
external causes
the __________ is the primary instrument for all data collection and analysis
The traditions (methodologies) of qualitative data (5)
- biography
-case study
-grounded theory
constant exchange between reason and observation
grounded theory
Traditionally, interviews are
audio or video recorded
interviews are analiyzed using the ___________ method, which is also referred to as coding.
constant comparative
artifacts are subjected to
content analysis
A major issue with qualitative data's acceptance is " can a researcher garentee ___________?"
qualitative researchers allow _______ to examine transcripts to affirm or disconfirm accuracy
Three major methods for ensuring reliability:
-Bias statements
-Triangulation of Data
-Auditing the data
Triangulation data means:
to collect data in lots of ways
Two positions on Generalizability for the qualitative researcher:
- Its a limitation of the method
-the use of many cases as an attempt to strengthen generalization
ability to transfer the findings from one setting to another
degree to which findings were determind by the participants and not by the "Biases, motivations, interests or perspectives of the unquirer"
To strengthen the degree of neutrality, the researcher should report any experiences and biases that could affect the study. ____________ should be either audio recored or written reporting the statements contents and is a common methos for safeguarding neutrality.
A statement of researchers Bias
researchers should report any ________________ that could affect trustworthiness, called limitations
external conditions