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Who is the main character?
Jacob Kaufman
What color is the dog who follows Jacob?
What is his father's first name? His occupation?
Iztak, butcher
What is his uncle's name?
Avram Kaufman, Avi
sister's name/age
Sophie, 5 years
What happened to his mom?
She died in labor
Where did the main character's family come from?
From Poland
What is their ethnic group?
What does his sister want to cll the dog?
What is their home?
a boarding house
In what city is the setting/
San Francisco
When did the actual earthquake occur historically
april 18, 1906 at 5;13 in the mornng
What was the magnitude?
8 on the Richter scale
Where is jacob going on the day of the quake
Produce Market
3 what run wild thru the streets after the quake
When Jacob sees Mrs. Oconnor has died he wants to say
a Hebrew prayer for the dead - a Kaddish
Why are buildings being dynamited
to stop fires from spreading
What is the boy's name that the dog rescues near Chinatown
San Wei Chang
Where was he supposed to go with his family
What was his dad's occuation
dealt with jade and porcelain
Jacob eats food from Chinese people what is it
noodles with chosticks
Why does San have a pigtail
loyalty to Manchu dynasty or horse dynasty
Why can't the boys stay in the orphan tent?
San is Chinese
An Irish family takes themin. What are their names/
Kevin and Annie Flanagan
How does San write a note to his father/
Uses Jacob's collar with ink from the Red Cross
Why do the boys gather rats
for money 5 cents each and to stop disease
Where does San finally find his Dad and Uncle
Golden Gate Park
What is San's father holding?
the collar
Molly Flanagan finds somethingin her slice of bread
A note from Elizaberh Myers to find her kin
What is Jacob in line for when he finds his family?
a blanket
What kind of store did Jacob's father have?
Why was Jacob feeling bad?
His mother died.
Where did Jacob live?
In a boarding house, south of Misson Street
Why wouldn't Jacob describe his feelings to his uncle?
Because he would cry
What did Jacob celebrate on his last birthday?
Bar Mitzvah
What religion was Jacob?
In what city did Jacob live?
San Francisco
From what country did Jacob's father come from?
What did Jacob think his father would say about a dog?
No, because it would cause more trouble
What was Jacob's sister's name?
How did the dog sleep the night before the earthquake?
Not well; he barked during the night.
Where was Jacob and his dog when the quake began?
They were in the Produce District.
What did Jacob think was happening during the quake?
He thought the world was coming to an end.
How did it sound right after the quake?
Quiet; the absence of sound was eerie.
What is an aftershock?
The jolting of the earth after the main earthquake.
What saved Jacob from the stampeding cattle?
His dog
What helped to fuel the fires?
Broken gas mains
Why did they dynamite the buildings?
To keep the fire from spreading
Who did Jacob save?
A boy named San Wei Chang.
Where did Jacob and San first look for their families?
Union Station
What did San's father do for a living?
He sold fine porcelain and jades.
How did San's father feel about education?
It was of supreme importance.
Why did San's mother have a difficult time walking?
Her feet were bound.
How did the boy's at the candy shop treat San?
They made fun of him and pulled his ponytail.
How did the policemen react when San was harassed?
They did nothing.
What was the name of the mansion where refugees went after the quake?
The Merrill Mansion
Why did the refugees have to be quiet in the mansion?
Mrs. Merrill was taking care of a sick relative.
What was the date of the earthquake?
What happened to Mrs. Merrill's mansion?
It was demolished.
After the quake, where did the people set up camps?
Golden Gate Park
What happened to San at the orphan's tent?
He was not allowed to enter the tent.
What was the name of the woman the boys met in Golden Gate Park?
Annie Flanagan
How were the boys treated by the Flanagans?
Very well; they stayed with them.
What was the name of the place the boys stayed at in the park?
Camp Flanagan
Who fed them spaghetti?
Mrs. Torelli
What were the names of the military reservations where people stayed at?
Presidio and Fort Mason
How did San get a message to his family?
He sent a note via the mail barrel.
How did Jacob help San with his note?
He gave San his shirt collar to write on.
How did San and Jacob earn some money?
They would catch rats.
What did the boys do with the money they earned?
They gave it to the Flanagans.
Why did San's uncle leave without him?
He thought he and San's family would miss the boat.
Why didn't Jacob go to Oakland with San?
He thought is he wasn't in San Francisco he might not find his father and sister
How did Jacob continue to look for his family?
He checked the lists posted on the message boards and checked the new tents.
What did Annie Flanagan think was the best medicine?
How did the Information Bureau help relatives find each other?
They kept a register of names of people and where they were staying.
Just before Jacob found his family, what decision did he make?
He decided to go and live with the Changs.
Where was Jacob when he found his uncle and sister?
He was in line to ge a blanket.
What organization was giving out the blankets?
The Red Cross was giving out blankets.
How did Jacob finally meet Uncle Avi and Sophie?
While he was in the blanket line, Quake started barking at Uncle Avi and Sophie. Then Sophie called out to the dog and Jacob heard her.
What was the date of the Great San Francisco Quake?
4/18/1906 or just 1906
What was Jacob’s father’s profession?
Who gave Jacob the stray dog?
His uncle Avram (Avi)
When had Jacob’s mother died?
Not even 4 months earlier; 3 months earlier, last Dec
What did Sophie want to name Jacob’s dog?
After Jacob searched near his home and in his uncle’s produce district, where did he go to look for his father and sister?
Union Square Park
What area of the city did Jacob cut through on his way to the park from the Produce District?
What was the name of the boy the dog rescued from the rubble of a fallen building?
San Wei Chang
What did Jacob name his dog?
What did Jacob eat at Mary Alexander’s campfire at Union Square?
Pork sausages
Rumors began going around that a city was swallowed by a tidal wave. What city was that?
Why couldn’t San’s mother walk very far?
Her feet had been bound
Where did the kind Alexander family suggest Jacob and San go to look for their families?
Golden Gate Park
What food was Jacob getting when a group of boys began to bully San?
What did the Chinese woman at the big house on Van Ness Avenue give the boys and dog?
What rich lady in a grand house was taking in hundreds of refugees?
Ms Merrill; the wife of the head of the Red Cross Society
Why did the soldier’s blow up Ms Merrill’s grand house?
To make a fire-break
Why wouldn’t the soldier let San into the orphan camp at Golden Gate Park?
Because he was Chinese
Who saved Quake from being shot by a soldier at the orphan camp?
Another soldier. The one who had been at the entrance.
Whose camp did the boys and Quake have dinner with that night after leaving the Orphan Camp?
The Flanagans
Where did Jacob ask if he could send a message to at the wooden mail barrel by the relief tent?
to write his parents a letter?"
His white shirt collar
What did the boys help Kevin Flanagan catch in San Francisco?
When the boys went back to San Francisco what burned out building looked like a giant birdcage?
City Hall
What old neighborhood friend told Jacob to leave a sign near his old home saying where he was staying?
Mr. Straussberg, the cobbler
Who was waiting at the Flanagans when the boys returned from the city?
San’s father (Mr. Chang) and uncle
Who invited Quake to a tea-party at Camp Flanagan?
Molly, the Flanagan’s little daughter
When Jacob went to the Information Bureau and the lady looked for his father and uncle’s names, what did she find?
Sitting by the sea, watching the waves rolling, Jacob made the decision to go work at what shop?
The porcelain & jade shop of Mr. Chang, San’s father
Whose voice did Jacob hear calling his dog when he was standing in line for a blanket?
Sophie, his sister
What was Jacob’s aunt’s name?
What country was Jacob’s family from before the family came to America?
What religion was Jacob and his family
Whose grandmother did Jacob offer to help carry her bundles when he was returning home after he had first gotten his dog?
Timmy O'Connor, his classmate
What run-away animals, frightened by the earthquake, did the new dog save Jacob from?
What neighbor did Jacob see pulled dead from the wreckage of his Nevada Boarding House>
Mrs. O'Connor
What did Quake catch for dinner in Chinatown right after he had saved San by waking him up?
A rat
What children did the city schools of San Francisco not accept for a free American education?
Chinese children
What city had San’s family fled to after the earthquake in San Francisco?
Oakland, across the Bay from San Francisco