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What aspects of a quartermaster's importance to the navy are enchanced when they advance in rate?
The QM's value as a supervisor, a leader,teacher and a technical specialist.
Why is it important to know the duties and responsibilities of personnel in other ratings?
Because QM1 or QMC will take part in types of training which may involve personnel from other divisions.
Why are military obligations similar for all ratings in the navy?
Because it is important to act as a military person above all else.
What is the basic requirement for effective communication in the
A correct knowledge of the english language.
What is the primary purpose of all communications?
The improvement of understanding
Which u.s. navy instruction shows the requirements for advancement in rating?
How often should the leading QM check the log and station file on the signal bridge?
at least once a day.
What are the 2 main classes of files?
Mandatory files and optional files
What is contained in the visual log?
It is a record of the entire history of each signal watch and is a register of all messages transmitted by visual methods
Which pub sets forh the requirement that a visual log is required to be maintained on the signal bridge?
NTP 4.
What is ment by the abbreviation TOR?
Time of receipt
What is ment by the abbreviation TOD?
Time of delivery
When are exempted addees to be recorded in the visual log?
At all times, even if no traffic is transmitted to them
What must be logged in the visual log for multiple address messages?
Just the last transmission only
What is the last column in the visual station log used for?
The recording of visual numbers.
What type of markers are authorized for making entries in the visual log?
Black ink pens
What notations is made in the visual log, once a message has been internally routed and/or relayed?
The visual number assigned is circled in the visual log.
Would a change in the local time zone be entered in the visual log?
Yes, as well as any important event which affects the watch.
Which file is a chronological record of all the visual traffic which is dealt with by the signal crew?
The visual station file.
When are tactical signals to be inserted into the visual station file?
What is another informal name for the communication center file?
The date-time group file
How are classified messages to be filed in the communications center file?
They are either filed in their encrypted form or are filed by means of a dummy or a filler.
How is a copy of a dummy or filler marked for filing in the communications center file?
They are filed by message heading
Where are the plain language translations of classified messages maintained?
They are held in the crypto file
Are top secred messages stowed separately from other classified messages?
yes under usual circumstances