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Linear vs. exponential
You get exponential growth of the product (cycle^#)

& you get linear growth of the original template (x cycle #)
What is the role of the primers in PCR?
Primer anneals to the DNA strand so TAQ polymerase can add on
What are the PCR components?
template DNA, 2 primers (forward & reverse), dNTPs, Polymerase, magnesium, thermocycler
Tm = ?
Tm= (A+T) x 2 + (G+C)x 4

determines the annealing temperature
Primer 1:

Primer 2:
Primer 1: forward direction, reads like the gene

Primer 2: reverse direction, inversion of the gene
What is real time PCR?
“real-time PCR” allows us to actually view the increase in the amount of DNA as it is amplified
SYBR green dye
binds to double stranded DNA, it also increase the fluorescent emissions. so the more DNA the more signal increase
what is the advantage of using real time PCR?
no gel, detection is capable, collects data in exponential
Nested PCR
increase the specificity of PCR with primer set 1&2 and primer set 3&4