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cold agglutins
Mycoplasma pneumonia
interstitial pneumonitis with large non-caseating giant cell granulomas
farmer w/mass lesion w/hilar lymphadenopathy--biopsy shows tiny yeast forms within macrophages
Histoplasmosis capsulatum
which infxns assoc w/eosinophils?
parasitic or allergic
sign of primary pulmonary TB?
Ghon complex
signs of secondary infection of tb?
cavitary tb & miliary tb
pathogenesis of Ghon complex?
Myco tb--granulomatous rxn in lung parenchyma and then hilar lymph nodes-->lesions heal by fibrosis, leaving only small scars at the sites of remote tb infxn (=Ghon complex)
what is a granuloma?
a focus of chronic inflammatory rxn in which predominant cell type is epithelioid macrophage or histiocyte; granulomas usu surrounded by lymphocytes
what can cause SIADH?
sm cell CA of lung,
chronic pulmonary dz,`
excessive water retention can cause low serum osm, with urine osm>serum osm;
MOA of aspirin
inhibits COX pathway-->decreased ratio of prostaglandins (bronchodilators) to leukotrienes (bronchoconstrictors)
PSNS has what effect on lungs?
bronchoconstricts (whereas SNS--"fight/flight"--bronchodilates so you can run away)
allergic hypersensitivity affecting parts of the body not in direct contact with the allergen.
Raynaud's Dz
vasospasm in vessels that causes temporary ischemia in hands
Mycoplasma pneumonia is extracellular or intracellular?
G+ diplococci
Strep pneumo
lung volumes above normal in:
-Old Age
-other conditions involving narrowing of airways or reduced radial traction of airways, allowing them to close more easily
acid-fast bacilli
mycobacteria (i.e. m. tb)
caseating necrosis
mycobacteria (i.e. m. tb)
what happens to lung tissue in emphysema?
enlargement of alveolar airspaces d/t destruction of alveolar septae w/o consequent fibrosis
prolonged PT/PTT & reduced platelets