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Safe Medical Devices Act
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Environmental Protection Agency
Food and Drug Administration
Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
Quality Assurance
Total Quality Management
Bureau of Radiological Health
Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act
Find Organize Clarify Understand Select Plan Do Check Act
What is quality assurance?
Ensure excellence in healthcare.
What is quality control?
The part of QA that deals with monitoring and maintenance with instrumentation and equiptment.
List four parts of a "process"
Supplier, Input, Action, and Customer
List the JCAHO 10-step process
1.Assign responsibility 2. Delinate the scope of care and service 3. Identify important aspects of care and service 4. Identify indicators 5. Establish a means to trigger evaluation 6. Collect and organize data 7. Initiate evaluation 8. Take actions to iprove care and service 9. Assess effectiveness of actions and maintain improvements 10. Communicate results to affected individuals and groups.
What is appropriateness of care?
Whether the requested care is necessary.
What is continuity of care?
The degree to which the care is coordinated among the practitioners and organizations.
What is efficiency of care?
Outcome = highest quality, shortest time, least expense, and a positive pt. condition
What is efficacy of care?
It's the level of benefit under ideal conditions and the best circumstances.
What is benchmarking?
Comparing one organization with another.
What is an indicator?
A valid and reliable quantative process or outcome measure related to one or more dimensions of performance.
What is benchmarking?
Comparing one organization with another.