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What are the divisions of the mediastinum?
Four regions:
Above manubriosternal junction = superior mediastinum
Below manubriosternal junction = Anterior, Middle (w/in pericardium), Posterior
What is Caroli's Disease?
Congenital malformation of bile duct system.
What is methemoglobinemia?
A disease in which the majority of Fe in hemoglobin is in ferric (Fe3+) state, rather than ferrous (Fe2+) state. Could be due to a defect in NADH methemoglobin reductase.
What is broncioalveolar carcinoma associated with?
What is special about large cell carcinoma of the lung?
It is an aggressive, undifferentiated form of lung cancer.
What is oat cell (small cell) carcima of the lung assocated with?
Paraneoplastic syndromes such as SIADH & Cushing's syndrome.
What is squamous cell carcinoma of the lung associated with?
What is adenocarcinoma of the lung associated with?
Scarring from old granulomatous, old chronic obstructive, or other old diseases that damage the lungs.
What is Byssinosis?
Lung dz caused by chronic exposure to cotton fibers.