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Gestalt Psycholoy looks
at whole patterns. the whole is greater than the sum of the parts
Psychoanalytic psy. focus Is on early
Childhood experiencs, dreams, sexuality, and the unconscious.
Behaviralism asserts
that we should study on behavior not the mind, vakues, or taht you cannot measure
Humanistic Psy. focus is on
dignity and worth of person. People have growth principle inside them
Cognitive Psy.
focus on how we think
Eclectic means
using many ideas and viewpoints
Jose Delgado advocated Brain stimulation and
used electordes in brain to stop bull in its tracks
Lesions are cuts
in brain and help us study disorders
Neuron is basic
cell of nervous system
Dendrites receive
cell of nervous system
Axons send information
to other neurons and announce
Neurons fire on
"all of nothing" principle
Stnapses are gaps
between neurons
neurotransmitters and chemical messengers and fit
into receptors sites receiving dendrites
mind in influencing body
left brain is
analytical, verbal, rational, and logical
right brain is
visual, art, emotion
Males tend to be
right brained and female left brained
Corpus callosum
connects right/left brain and acts as communications bridge
means scientific way of knowing using observation
Lewis-Goldberg study showed one-year-old
boys trying to break down barrier between them and mother
Nearly 90% of violent
crime caused by males