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Horney's writings deal mostly with -and - personalities
She agreeded with Freud that-- are important but placed more emp on --
Critizied Frued 3 accounts
neuroses and nerutoic personalities
childhood trama's, social factors
1) ridgidity towards new ideas 2) feminine psychology 3) too much biology and pleasure principle
Impact of Culture
Horney felt that modern culture is too --, and this -- leads to -- and feelings of --. This causes exagerated need for --, ppl overvalue--
competitive, competitiveness feelings of hostility and isolation. Affection, love
(Psychoanalytic social theory)
The importance of childhood experiences

-- conflict stems from -- which resulted from --
Childern who don't recieve -- feel threatened and adopt -- behaviourl patterns in an attempt to -- --.
Neurotic conflict, childhood trama, lack of genuine love, Genuine live, ridgid, gain love.
Lack of -- from parents by --, --, --, --. This causes a child to feel -- -- towards their parents. -- feelings of -- -- will lead to -- --.
They use protective devices such as --,--, --, --, --, --.
Most ppl are -- in using these approaches but -- are --.
Genuine love, overindulgence, dominance, neglect, reject. Basic Hostility, Basic hostility, basic anxiety. Affection, submission, power, prestige, posession, withdrawl.
Neurotic Needs 10
Affection/ Approval, powerful partner, restrict ones life to narrow boundaries, power, explotation, prestige, personal admiration, ambition and personal acheivement, self sufficency and independance, perfection.
Neurotic Trends (apply to both neurotic and normal ppl)
-- --: in which --ppl protect themselves against feeling --, by --.
-- --:--PP protect percieved -- by --.
-- --: --ppl protect -- by --
Moving towards, compliant ppl, helpless, attatching to others. Moving agaisnt, agressive ppl, hostility, exploiting, Moving away, detatched, isolation, arrogant,aloof.
Intrapersonal conflict
ppl who don't recieve -- and -- start building a -- ----, > --, -- (--/--),--(--),-- --(--)> -- (-->--, --
Self hatred- dac ftd
love and affection, idealized self image> neurotic search for glory, perfection (should/ shouldn't). Neurotic ambition( I WILL),vindicative triumph (I am better)> neuotic claims> special treatment> neurotic pride(see how good I am). Relenstless demands on self, self accusation, self contempt, self frustration, torment and tourture, self destructive.