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behavior that is involuntary and in reaction to a stimulus
behavior that is emitted by an organism
Thorndike law of effect
behavior is more likely to occur if it has been rewarded
primary reinforcer
biologically determined
conditioned reinforcer
acquire reinforcement value through association with a primary reinforcer
Premack principle
making high frequency behaviors contingent upon low frequency behaviors (you can watch tv when you finish your homework)
negative reinforcement
strengthens response through removal of an aversive stimulus (takes away bad effect)
weaking response (can have bad effects!)
learned helplessness
passive acceptance of events seemingly beyond one's control
when previously existing contingencies of reinforcement are taken away
response cost
removal of reinforcement contingent upon behavior, offender must give back an enforcer
reinforcement of successive approximations to a goal bahavior, reinforcer is presented contingent upon desired behavior
establish complex behaviors based off of simple ones, sequences
desired bahavior is reinforced as discriminative cues are gradually withdrawn
fixed ratio
requires learner to make so many responses before reinforcement is delivered
fixed interval
reinforcement is delivered after a fixed period of time
variable schedule
time or number of respones is varied
steps to change behavior
1. set goals
2. determinate appropriate reinforcers
3. selected procedures
4. implement procedures
5.evaluate and revise
contingency contract
an instructional application that may make use of both behavior modivication and instructional objectives. The student negoiates a contract with the teacher about what is expected of them.
PSI (personalized system of instruction)
emphasizes individual study and self pacing.