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any characteristic or factor that can vary
defines a variable in terms of the specific procedures used to produce or measure it
operational definition
what people should be warned about before they agree to participate in research
informed consent
how humans and animals behave in natural settings
descriptive research
in-depth analysis of an individual, group, or event
case study
a set of formal statements that explains how and why certain events are related to each other
subset of individuals drawn from a larger population
words that are just meant to sound scientific
pseudoscientific misinformation
process of repeating a study to determine whether the original findings can be duplicated
both the participant and the experimenter are kept blind as to which experimental condition the participant is in
statistical procedure for combining results of different studies that examine same topic
the degree to which the results of a study can be generalized to other population's settings and conditions
external validity
the one that varies; the one that is measured
dependant variable