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I HAVE.... the temperature goes up the farther inside the Earth you go.

WHO HAS....What is deposition?
I HAVE.... The dropping of sediments...
the settlement of sediments.

WHO HAS....What are divergent boundaries?
I HAVE... divergent boundaries are plates that are pulling apart.

WHO HAS....What is erosion?
I HAVE.... the movement of weathered rocks.

WHO HAS....You are most familiar with which layer of the Earth?
I HAVE.... the crust layer of the Earth.

WHO HAS....What makes up the Earth's crust?
I HAVE.... this layer is made up of rock and soil.

WHO HAS....Which type of rocks can you find fossils in?
I HAVE.... these type of imprints are found in sedimentary rocks.

WHO HAS.... Where are sedimentary rocks formed?
I HAVE.... these rocks can be formed under the ocean.

WHO HAS.... What can cause weathering?
I HAVE.... this type of wearing away of rock can be caused by wind, ice, rain, and people.

WHO HAS.... What is the mantle made of?
I HAVE.... this section of the Earth is made of partially melted rock and some solid rock.

WHO HAS.... What is the Rock Cycle?
I HAVE.... it is a diagram of how rocks are formed and change.

WHO HAS..... Name the three types of rocks?
I HAVE..... Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic.

WHO HAS....What causes chemical change in rocks, ponds and soil?
I HAVE.... acid rain caused by pollution can cause this type of change in rocks, ponds, and soil.

WHO HAS... What is weathering?
I HAVE.... it is the breaking down or wearing away of rocks.

WHO HAS....Name the Earth's layers from the outside in?
I HAVE.... Crust, mantle and core layers.

WHO HAS.... What can tell us how things have changed over time and tell about the past climate and geography?
I HAVE.... Fossils can tell how things have changed over time.

WHO HAS.... Name the four characteristics used to identify rocks?
I HAVE.... they are formed by ; folding and faulting of the Earth's crust.

WHO HAS....What is the Earth's core made of?
I HAVE.... this section of the Earth is made up of melted rock surrounding a solid core.

WHO HAS.... What is caused by slow movements, in different directions, of the Earth's crust?
I HAVE.... earthquakes are caused by slow movements.

WHO HAS.... What are Convergent boundaries?
I HAVE..... these boundaries are plates that are moving closer together.

WHO HAS.... What is Plate Tectonics?
I HAVE.... the study of the Earth's crustal plates.

WHO HAS.... Is the Earth's crust constantly moving?
I HAVE.... yes, constantly moving plates

WHO HAS.... What are fault lines?
I HAVE.... the crops should go around and around going up or down the hill.

WHO HAS.... What kind of plant should be planted to prevent erosion?
I HAVE.... plants with shallow and many spreading roots.

WHO HAS.... Name one law that people passed to help prevent erosion?
I HAVE.... The Land Reclamation Act

WHO HAS.... What is deforestation?
I HAVE.... THIS is the cutting down of trees in a forest.

WHO HAS....How are Igneous rocks created?
I HAVE.... these rocks are formed when magma cools.

WHO HAS.... What is magma?
I HAVE.... it is another word for melted rock.

WHO HAS.... How are Sedimentary rocks formed?
I HAVE.... these rocks are formed when sediments are compacted & cemented together.

WHO HAS.... How are Metamorphic rocks formed?
I HAVE.... these rocks are formed when rocks are put under heat and pressure.

WHO HAS.... Can an Igneous rock turn into a Metamorphic rock?
I HAVE.... with heat and pressure, an Igneous rock can turn into a Metamorphic rock.

WHO HAS.... The farther inside the Earth you go the temperature goes?
I HAVE.... these are places where two or more crustal plate boundaries meet.

WHO HAS.... Why don't layers of the Earth's crust line up perfectly?
I HAVE.... It is due to pressure of the fault lines and the pushing up of magma through the boundaries.

WHO HAS.... To prevent erosion, how should a farmer plant crops over a hill?
I HAVE.... particle size, texture, density and mineral composition.

WHO HAS....What two natural disasters can take place near fault lines or crustal plate boundaries?
I HAVE.... Earthquakes and volcanoes

WHO HAS.... Name the two ways that mountains are formed?