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WHO HAS....What is respiration?
I HAVE....the process that releases chemical energy from the glucose molecules for use by the plant.

WHO HAS....Plants consist of a great deal of what?
I HAVE.... great deal of water

WHO HAS....What is transpiration?
I HAVE.... it is the evaporation of water through special openings on the underside of leaves.

WHO HAS....What are the special openings on the underside of leaves called?
I HAVE.... oxygen

WHO HAS....What do plants use glucose for?
I HAVE.... glucose helps a plant grow and change

WHO HAS....What is the reverse of photosynthesis?

WHO HAS....What regulates the size of the stomata, according to the amount of water in a plant?
I HAVE..... guard cells

WHO HAS....What can plants respond to in their environments?
I HAVE....because their habitat is being destroyed.

WHO HAS... What happens when plants not native to our country are planted?
I HAVE....IT endangers our other native plants

WHO HAS...What happens if people over collect plants?
I HAVE.... one year to complete

WHO HAS....How long do biennials take to complete one cycle?
I HAVE.... it takes two years

WHO HAS.....How long do perennials live?
I HAVE.... they live more than two years and appear to "die back" during cold weather and become active again in warm weather.
WHO HAS..... What are some examples of perennials?
I HAVE....trees, bushes, black-eyed susans, chrysanthemums, peonies

WHO HAS....Why are some plants becoming endangered?
I HAVE.... they are changed into glucose and transported throughout the plant.
WHO HAS....What do plants depend on to meet their basic needs?
I HAVE....their environments

WHO HAS....What do plants need to grow?
I HAVE.... NEEDS are water, air light, and soil.

WHO HAS.... What is photosynthesis?
I HAVE.... the process by which plants make their own food from water, carbon dioxide, and nutrients.
WHO HAS....What is the main site of photosynthesis?
I HAVE.... they respond to stimuli in their environment

WHO HAS....What do scientist call it when plants respond to environmental stimuli?

WHO HAS.... What are some common tropisms?
I HAVE.... the leaf

WHO HAS....What do the plants trap that make their leaves and stems green?
I HAVE....chlorophyll

WHO HAS....What are raw materials changed into?
I HAVE.... roots growing down because of gravity, flowers opening and closing during the night and day, and leaves and stems bending toward the sunlight
WHO HAS.... What do plant seeds do until the conditions are favorable for the new plant to grow?
I HAVE.... they remain dormant

WHO HAS....What does germinate mean?
I HAVE....the plant species can be lost because they cannot complete their life cycle and reproduce.

WHO HAS....Where is the extra glucose (food) supply stored?
I HAVE.... stored in the roots

WHO HAS....What is given off in the process of photosynthesis?
I HAVE..... it means to "grow"

WHO HAS.... What is dormancy
I HAVE..... it is a period of suspended life processes brought by changes in the environment.

WHO HAS....When is a plant in a state of rest?
I HAVE.... it is in a state of rest during dormancy?

WHO HAS....What is a growing season?
I HAVE.... the length of time it takes a plant to complete its life cycle.

WHO HAS....How long do annuals take to complete one cycle?